10 Sidesplitting answers given by Nashik when asked for an address

Aanchal Madan

I have graduated as an Instrumentation Engineer. By the end of my last year, I was totally out of the box and wanted to be a business woman then. So I took up jobs in HR and Administration as a stepping stone. But destiny had crafted something else for me. So here I am writing for page 3 and hoping to strike a chord with my readers. I was always an avid reader and was always keen on writing. I am an optimist and a go-getter. I like to rely on my instincts majorly. Love to travel. Music is always on my mind. Comical and fiction stories interest me more than anything else. I hope to make a difference with my writing!!

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  1. Devashree says:

    Hahah.. Aanchal, very true. You have beautifully penned down the real story : )1st n 7th are very common. LOL!

  2. This happens in every city!!

  3. Inputs for this article are given by a friend named Shailesh Kamat.
    Thank you so much for making this article so interesting!!

  4. Shailesh says:

    Hey Aanchal..Thanks a lot . Its a great article. I love your observation and wittiness . Also your articles are realistic and easy to relate. Keep up the good work. Looking forward for more .Cheers !!

  5. @shailesh hey thanks for the appreciation 🙂 wait for more to come!!

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