5 things youngsters want to see in Nashik that there are in other metros

Aanchal Madan

I have graduated as an Instrumentation Engineer. By the end of my last year, I was totally out of the box and wanted to be a business woman then. So I took up jobs in HR and Administration as a stepping stone. But destiny had crafted something else for me. So here I am writing for page 3 and hoping to strike a chord with my readers. I was always an avid reader and was always keen on writing. I am an optimist and a go-getter. I like to rely on my instincts majorly. Love to travel. Music is always on my mind. Comical and fiction stories interest me more than anything else. I hope to make a difference with my writing!!

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4 Responses

  1. Abhijeet Shinde says:

    Well …Banquet hall for formal meetings is available at many places in Nasik for example NEC -Nasik Engineering Cluster. There are several international schools already in Nasik and some of the best Engineering colleges too which have world class infrastructure.But I think there must be 5star,7star Hotels.Airport which should connect to major cities in India at least. So, this infrastructure will facilitate the business environment to flourish further.Hoping that we will make these things happen in near by future.

  2. Page3 says:

    Yes, Things are changing fast. But one thing is most required is night hangout places 😉

  3. Rahul says:

    IT park is now most needed in Nashik. Many youths of Nashik having degrees in computer are in Pune for job. 80% of this youths after 5 year purchase flat in pune it means indirectly those people say bye bye to Nashik and they become punekar. So it’s request to our guardian minister that do something for IT park set up. We have everything what IT company want. We have enough space, we have talent. So will really appreciate if our guardian minister think on this. Indirectly this IT park or any manufacturing project will help to develop Nashik city.

  4. atharva theurkar says:

    actually nasik is being compared with mumbai,pune and nagpur so it lacks in some categories. ….but nasik is a fast developing city and a great city…..nasik has to boost its industrial sector and IT sector. ..

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