The Goa Camp @ Goa
Aug 24 – Aug 26 all-day
The Goa Camp @ Goa


(Invitation Only)

Banglore | Nashik | Mumbai | Pune | Surat


A 3 day long, all-inclusive with experience encompassing the wildest Goan parties which include not but not limited to trying local cuisines and unique experiences.

We’ve got a hostel & the camp magic that makes a long a weekend feel like a lifetime.

Participate in bizarre experiences, meet new people and reconnect with friends and create inspiring memories.

What is the plan?

DAY 1 – 24TH AUGUST 2018

  • Reach the venue Settle in your bunks Grab a chilled beer & get to know everyone!
  • Dress up Get ready for a Jive session Later
  • Hit the club, Dance your a** off coz you’re in Goa! – Party all night

DAY 2 – 25TH AUGUST 2018

  • Yoga by the beach A sunrise activity (wear comfy dresses – you’re gonna walk/ talk/ eat Goa)
  • Mapusa Market race in the form of a treasure hunt.
  • food / Photography / Tasting
  • Explore Panjim city & hear it’s tales from the local guide himself.
  • Hit the club/ Campfire/ retire for the night

DAY 3 – 26TH AUGUST 2018

  • It’s been a hectic weekend so far so why not chill for a bit and slow down. We’re on a vacation remember?
  • painting session, mould some clay and devour chi l led cocktails!
  • Lunch Time
  • Bid bye to your new friends & unforgettable memories. Depart with a smile, hiding those happy tears & promises to meet one another soon, someday.


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