City youngster bags 1st Runner up in Hornbill Festival, Nagaland


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3 Responses

  1. Vikram Bangera says:

    Well i appreciate page 3 for this article.. And page 3 nashik as taken good interest to highlight this youth plus the other activities goes around in nashik. And its honored to be a part of it. And i personally support this who go on deeps to search just for to make out city know about activities, and just like them i made my self to do so. Thank you page 3 to show some of my efforts till nashikites .. 🙂

  2. Page 3 Nashik says:

    Vikram Bangera Thank you

  3. Paresh Kungwani says:

    mate, you deserve this and i know you did your best to feel our city special, and i can proudly say it to all thats my bestest buddy who won this international competition. And thanks to Page 3 to get you here. 🙂 Cheerz for the success (y)

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