Diwali Cleaning: Beyond our homes

Neha Tinwalla

I am a woman in process trying just like everyone else. Every day brings a chance for me to draw in a breath,kick off my shoes, and dance.I surround myself with only people who are going to lift me higher.

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3 Responses

  1. Nikhil Kalal says:

    But the sad fact is people will like this post but not even clean their own surroundings ……. people like it when others do it but they find it disgusting when they do it…… U0001f60fU0001f60fU0001f60f

  2. Neha Somani says:

    Dear Nikhil,
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts over this. I completely agree to what you have to say. We live in a world of ironies. The wider our living rooms the narrower are our hearts when it comes to welcoming people into them. We are very particular about the way we want to keep our homes, we are perpetually the opposite in our attitudes when it comes to doing the same to our streets and cities. Sad but true.
    Boys like these make us see the rosy paint in the picture over the grains. 
    P.S: please spread the word for us and join the bandwagon. Thanks a ton.

  3. Aditya Baravkar says:


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