Diwali Pahat Programme to Welcome Diwali in Nashik.

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Renowned Kathak Dancer Rekha Nadgauda & her Daughter Aditi Panse

Renowned Kathak Dancer Rekha Nadgauda & her Daughter Aditi Panse

When started about 15 years ago, Diwali Pahat was meant to bring together people and make the festival of lights a community Festival. Today, the “Diwali Pahat” does that and a lot more, including offering Music & Dance aficionados in the city a taste of what they love the most traditional classical music performed by the best of the best. Previously Diwali used to be celebrated in a very family-centric manner. Satish Desai, considered to be a pioneer of the concept Diwali Pahat’, organised the first programme which saw noted singer Suresh Wadkar performing. However it received poor response, but it grew since then and today, thousands of people attend Diwali Pahat’ programmes organised in various Cities. Interestingly,Dance Institues in Nashik too took inspiration from the concept and  organised similar Diwali Pahat Programme with the motto to bring together the entire community. Pahat’ means early morning hours, and a Diwali Pahat’ events is essentially organised in the morning hours.

On 20th October, a Diwali Pahat, guttural program was organized at 5:30am by the the three major dance institutes in Nashik which are Kirti Kala Mandir Kathak Dance Institute, Abhijat Nritya Sanstha and Kalanand Nritya Academy to welcome Diwali in Nashik. They Attempted to revive the essence of Diwali. The festival is not only about lights and crackers but also about culture and music. Rekha Nadgauda’s total dedication, devotion, towards this art form & her determination to propagate kathak bore fruits on 23 feb, 1976, named ‘kirti kala mandir’ a first kathak dance institute of Nashik. Today more than 200 students are under her tutelage. Kirti Kala Mandir became the first Dance Institute of India to get the ISO 9001-2000 certificate. Founder of Kirti Kala Mandir and her students have been performing throughout the world.


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