Don’t Lose Your Mind Lose Your Weight (Book Review)

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Everyone wants to get wafer thin, look young and sexy. The rat race is to get that hour glass figure and celebrity dietician Rujuta Diwekar gives us a healthy recipe in her book

Rujuta Diwekar unfolds the secret of Saif Ali Khan’s hot bod, Sonali’s post pregnancy glam look and Karishma’s new sexy avatar. To look in shape, you need not starve yourself, she tells her readers. Nor is it needed to burn the last remaining drop of your body fat by tormenting yourself in a gym subjecting oneself to punishing workout schedules. No crash dieting, no all fruit diet, no carb deprivations and no curb on cravings, the author allows all…but in moderation. She attempts to demystify nutrition and explain its intricacies of nutrition and diet to us.

Rujuta beautifully introduces us to the most neglected aspect of our life: ‘Feeding ourselves’. Rujuta has not only shattered all the diet myths through her book but has done it in such a logical and simple way. Her philosophy of ‘eat food to lose fat’ sounds radical first but by the end of the book it feels like the most natural thing.

People grappling with weight loss issues for a long time consult the so called ‘expert dieticians’ with no results, except for losing their confidence. Through such real life examples, cheat sheets, interesting anecdotes etc Rujuta makes the book very real. Also she reminds the readers of the Buddha teaching of the middle path. “Ati Sarvatra Varjayeta” seems to be the philosophy guiding her.

Rujuta exposes the truth of antacids and laxatives that have become such an inalienable part of the modern life style. She, with interesting examples from the vast treasure house of her experience, shows how most of us ill-treat our systems on the pretext of keeping it fit.

The words that most of the dieters use without really understanding them have been explained by Rujuta with the proficiency of an expert. She has an insightful understanding about carbs, proteins, fats, supplements, minerals and vitamins one is amazed by her understanding and grip on the subject. She has a rich experience to boast of… she is the personal dietician of Kareena, Amrita Arora, Saif, Anil Ambani etc.

The language and the style is conversational. With occasional insights into her own life and the goings in the world around, the author manages to keep the reader hooked. She empowers the readers with crucial yet overlooked information about their bodies and why they need to feed it the right food at the right time.

Rujuta doesn’t ask all her readers to follow a ready made diet chart. Just as one size of cloth does not fit all, in the same way one diet plan cannot be applicable on every one.

On the flipside, not all questions that logically crop up in the readers mind are answered. There are a few pages that appear directionless and at times she sounds a bit lost. In places where she does share a menu or two it sounds so bizarre that you would probably need to have your own high-profile cook to fulfil it. Also she says eat within 15 minutes of waking up in the morning. That may not be so viable for a lot of people.

All in all you can read it to get some good knowledge about your body and how it functions.

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