Entertainment-Really we dint See any of that!!

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vgciv9ganob7cpvp.D.0.Akshay-Kumar-Its-Entertainment-Movie-PosterAfter Golmaal 3, Bol Bacchan and the unbearable Himmatwala, Shahid – Farhan have managed to write yet another torturous script which crosses all levels of stupidity.

DNA has a new meaning in this movie. Its means ‘Daddy’s najayaz aulad’ here, which Akshay calls himself.When Akshay finds out that his estranged father Panna Lal Johri was a millionaire in Bangkok, he decides to go to meet him. At the same time he also finds out that his father is no more and had left the entire 3000 crore estate empire property on Entertainment’s name. Entertainment  here is his pet dog.

Akshay Kumar’s (Akhil)girlfriend Tamanna (Sakshi) who is a televisionactor and has made an attempt at humour. Tamanna’s father played by Mithin Chakraborty wants her to Akshay Kumar and Tamanna Bhatia - Its Entertainment Wallpapermarry a guy who is rich enough. Which is one of the reason why Akshay wants to fight for this property.As Akshay along with his friend Krushna Abhishek  tries to get rid of the dog  in ways that his death would look like a case of accident. However, the dog seems to be outsmarts them and escapes every single time. He finds out two others, Karan and Arjun (Sonu Sood and Prakash Raj) are also eyeinng the same property. Akshay kumar and the dog eventually become friends and together fight against the two villains.

Akshay kumar in this movie talks to dogs. Comedy hits the Nadir when he asks a German shepherd, “Has your dad ever been to Germany?”. Asks a boxer if, “Has your dad been a boxer earlier?”.

Krushna Abhishek is a movie freak and uses actors and movie names in his sentences. “I rajni-cant believe this!” Is one of my favorites. Few other lines like “Jaisi karni waisi mamta kulkarni“, “Tu pankaj udaas hokar mat baith.” are also there.

2n3o5gmej0b0jqly.D.0.Akshay-Kumar-Johnny-Lever-Krishna-Abhishek-Its-Entertainment-Film-PicThe screenplay is full of loopholes and the narration has countless flaws . The comedy and humor in this movie has only reached a new low. Prakash Raj’s face contorts look unnecessary to an extent at which they aren’t funny anymore.Few, very few jokes in the movie can be worth a laugh. Govinda’s Nephew Krishna Abhishek and Jonny lever’s acting is bang on with the perfect comic timing. Akshay as always is perfect in his role. Tamanna in her role has pulled off fairly well.

Sachin – Jigar have given music to the movie which is just OKAY. None of the songs would stick, except for the song ‘Veer di Wedding’ sung by Mika Singh which is at the end of the movie.

This movie might (MIGHT) be an entertainer for children especially who love pets to watch the dog doing stunts. But that’s about it. I’m sorry but otherwise you would walk out of the theater midway due to the repetitive and LAME jokes.

Ratings:1 star.

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