Go Goa Gone (G3) movie review

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Guys, the three lettered word ‘FUN’ can also be spelled as ‘GOA’ and this fun is portrayed well by the three hilarious guys in G3 ‘Go Goa Gone’. The Directors Raj Nidi Moru and Krishna DK have come up with this new concept and excellent comic timing for which they are well known.

The Bollywood Nawab Saif Ali Khan,is highly appreciated for his Russian-accented,burnt-haired,heavily-tattooed Zombie Hunter Avatar(Boris). The actors Kunal Khemu(Hardhik), Veer Das(Luv) and Anand Tiwari(Bunny) seem tailor-made for their characters and slip into the roles with ease and perform the trio of frustrated guys in life.

The song ‘Khoon Choosle’ describes their frustration. Pooja Gupta does not need to break into sweat in order to stand out because she is the sole eye catchy wherein she is surrounded by all flesh eating creatures.


The paradox of the comedy with flesh blood and land full of Zombies is a thrilling entertainer with a trip of twists and turns for the enthusiastic youth, party animals, tom boyish girls and the youth that turns on ‘ON’ the music.

Without missing to mention, the movie has a strong message against drug abuse through the rave party.So rest your bums until ‘THE END’ for the roller coaster ride of twists and turns at the climax.

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