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COLORS, for some they have deep meaning while for others these are just colors. For a few colors enlighten their behavior. On the other hand, Colors make no difference at all. People say ‘You are what you eat.” To this we would like to add, “Your mood depends on what color you wear.” Color is not just a word,it is a feeling in itself. Colors depict almost every emotion; Love, Sadness, Purity, Serenity, Rage, Mystery and so much more. A color can set one’s mood or even can wreck it.  The purest and the most thoughtful minds are those which love color the most. They add substance to one’s life. Colors are the apple of one’s eyes. 
Often colors are used to describe mood and emotions. But according to practitioners of color therapy, the link between colors and moods go deeper than that. Colors have healing properties as well.
7 amazing facts about colors are:
1. Men and Women see the red color very differently.
2. Silver has a ‘Life-saving’ tag.
3. Pink soothes the nerves.
4. Bright colors are tagged for ‘winning friends’.
5. Blue is the most common favorite.
6. Some people have ‘Chromophobia’- the fear of colors.
7. Yellow can induce hunger.
Here we get you the absolute and affirmative MEANING OF COLORS:
WHITE: Purity, Wholesomeness, Sacred ritual
RED: Sacrifice, Sex
BROWN: Earthy
GREEN: Fertility,Renewal, Wealth
YELLOW: Enlightenment
VIOLET: Creativity, Shyness
INDIGO: Mystery, Occult power, Artistic talent
BLUE: Nobility, Tranquility
BLACK: Power
ORANGE: Adventure, Change
PINK: Love
Colors can attract, Colors can distract. The choice of your color is who you are. Many people choose specific colors according to the days of the week. Many choose according to the festivities. To feel the color one should have the eye! Each color is differently unique!
People paint your world with colors, you are blessed at least you can see and feel them, some can not !

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