Besharam – Movie Review

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The much awaited release of this week ‘Besharam’ is out in theaters. The release was celebrated on a National holiday2nd October, Wednesday.  Directed by Abhinav Kashyap, the star cast showcases the most compatible couple of Bollywood Rishi Kapoor (Chulbul Chautala) and Neetu Kapoor (Bulbul Chautala) with their smart, handsome and versatile actor-son Ranbir Kapoor (Babli). This action/comedy genre also features the new babe in B-town Pallavi Sharda (Tara), who unfortunately fails to show her compatibility with Babli.

The title is mysterious and justifies its story line. Ranbir plays a strong character but does not contribute much to the movie. The funny part in the movie is the chemistry between Babli and his best buddy Amitosh Nagpal which is well portrayed rather than the chemistry between Babli and Tara.

Pallavi-Sharda-And-Ranbir-Kapoor-in-Besharam-Movie-ReviewQuite a predictable story, Babli falls for the young lady Tara and tries mischievous and naughty tricks to impress the lady love. Not many efforts were put in to woo Tara and it all happens during a road trip. Tara wants Babli to be in the good books as the one she is dating is a car thief and follows a funny mantra saying, ‘Na sammaan ka moh, na apmaan ka bhay’. Rishi and Neetu play the cops and chase Ranbir for his bad deeds.

Despite of a strong and experienced star cast the movie is immature and unreal. On the other hand, the music also does not appeal to the audience’s ears. Not many elements in the movie force you to stick to your seats other than few comic scenes which make you laugh in real sense and the flamboyant couple Neetu and Rishi who lead to perfection.

The mismatch drastically fails at the box office. We recommend watching ‘Besharam’ for Ranbir and the crazy climax!!

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