Does Mary Kom Pack the Punch?

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Priyanka Chopra  as Mary Kom

Priyanka Chopra as Mary Kom

She entered a male-dominated sport and wrote her name in the annals of history with the aid of ‘chai and kela (tea and bananas)’ from the federation.Mayr Kom’s has punched her name in history with all her migth,but Does Priyanka Chopra  as Mary Kom Pack a Punch?

The much awaited movie, Mary Kom released today . Priyanka Chopra’s look and trailer did manage to create anxiety among the public. This movie based on Mary Kom’s life and struggle and making her family, country proud, portrays it all, the only problem being that there are no surprises, the movie is predictable.While Bhaag Milkha Bhaag was a case of an overcooked narrative, Kumar’s Mary Kom suffers from the contrary: an inconsistent narrative that seems too hurried to strike the right balance between her personal life.

Mary, a daughter of a poor farmer, lives in a remote village near Manipur. She loves boxing and he father doesnt. He is worried that boxing might spoil her face. When he asks her to choose between him and boxing, Mary choses boxing. This girl Mary who keeps engaging into fights with boys of the locality, fortunetly finds a coach Narjit Singh (Sunil Thapa) in a nearby village who can train her. With him Mary starts her Journey. Mary being a natural boxer soon is a part of the state team and  bags many medals. Mary’s friend Onler has been her supporter in every step. Mary and Onler eventually get married. Narjit Singh, her coach is angry about this since he knows that Mary will give her boxing career a second priority after marriage. This is exactly what happens. She is blessed with 2 daughters. Her boxing career actually takes a back seat until one day when travelling in a bus, she finds a young boy sitting opposite her is talking about Mary Kom, but he doesn’t recognize her.This is when she decides to get back to serous professional boxing. After rigorous training, she steps in the boxing ring, a match that doesnt seems to favour her. The match turns out to be a tie, which results in her opponent declared as a winner because the judges felt that her opponent performed better.priyankachopra-326

Movies based on sportsmanship do have a lot of expectations, however Mary Kom comparatively seems to be an average movie. Priyanka Chopra as magnificent Mary Kom has done a magnificent job.One star in the rating is definitely reserved for Priyanka. She may not have transcended the physical attributes of the diminutive Mary in the actual sense (except adding a few obvious freckles to her face and slightly drooping eyelids), but she has brought the boxer to life convincingly enough, leaving you rooting for her, long after the end credits roll.Just when you feel Barfi was her best performance, yet again she proves everyone wrong with her performance in Mary Kom.

But The movie shows nothing extraordinary than what we know about Mary Kom. Except for a few emotional scenes, the movie seems to be pushing through certain episodes and dragging through others. The awkward & Blatant  product positioning disturbs the flow of the story.Generally a movie would expect to have some inspiring songs but this movie lacks the right type of songs. Music by Shashi-Shivamm is just average.The film gets bloated by extraneous songs. In its zeal to tell us how Kom is also a committed mom ( to an adorable set of twins , one of whom gets very sick occasionally) as well as a sportsperson, it tries too hard to tug at our heartstrings.

If you are wanting to know about Mary Kom and her life then there are better ways to do so. Although Priyanka Chopra fans shouldn’t miss on this one. For the real inspiring life of Mary Kom as we all know and the famous Priyanka Chopra, this movie is a crowd puller.Overall Page3Nashik would Say Fabulous Job Priyabka But the Movie  Simply Lacked the Punch!!

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