Go crazy with Ghanchakkar – Movie Review

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Ghanchakkar-375x500The crazy movie with a crazy title stares Sanjay Atre (Emraan Hashmi), Neetu (Vidya Balan), Pandit (Rajesh Sharma), Idris (Namit Das). Ghanchakkar directed by Raj Kumar Gupta is a mixture of Crime, Thrill and Suspense. Movie though being a comedy suspense thriller is a bit too long for this thriller as the pace of movie is too slow.

The promos had made it clear that the story is about Sanjay Atre who made a successful heist with his two fellow friends Pandit & Idris. As per the plan, all money was entrusted to Sanjay to divide equally after three months when the heat gets down, but he meets with an accident and partial memory loss follows. Thus, he has no clue as to where he has kept all the money. The two accomplices think he is ‘feigning amnesia’ (habit of forgetting) and remain sturdy till they get their share of the loot.

Emraan has experimented well with such understated character whereas Vidya plays a high strong punjabi wife with extremely loud sense of fashion. Although Vidya remains sincere with her portrayal but the high standards she has raised for herself by her recent movies, leaves the audiences a little disappointed.

The first half puts you in a hilarious mood with a decent plot that makes audience guessing as to what would be the end. But somewhere in the second half the movie turns out to be senseless and no funnier where it could have showed off its intelligence. There comes a point when audience stops trying to imagine and plot about the ideas in this twisty story to only let the film remain an almighty mess.

The base theme of comedy vanishes off soon after the beginning where jokes get repetitive. Despite of its surprising end, it fails to engage the audience because of lack of proper execution. One who is a lover of typical Bollywood Thriller, Suspense movies may find the movie illogical and insane but on the other hand contemporary audience, would certainly appreciate the way cast and crew managed to run the humor throughout the movie.

Songs are few which make the thriller seem too long for two hours. But Music by Amit Trivedi is worth noting. Songs like ‘Lazy Lad’, ‘Allah Meherbaan’ and ‘Title Track’ grab attention.

Keeping the minor flaws and labored tasks aside the movie is a one time watch!!!!

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