Ram-Leela – movie review

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The most awaited flick hits the box office. Sanjay Leela Bhansali (SLB), a renowned director of Bollywood, offers a Gujarati platter, with his till date best creations, Ram- Leela. The director has created a masterpiece with the best combination in Bollywood, Ranveer Singh and the most versatile actress Deepika Padukone. The chemistry between the duo is commendable.

The genre of the movie is romance in the sounds of guns and violence. If its love they openly express it and if its war then they don’t deny it. A complete vice-versa is based on William Shakespeare’s romantic tragedy Romeo and Juliet. SLB has that in built talent in him and he makes sure that he sketches the character from his actors in his movies.

Ram (Ranveer), perfectly suits in the character. He has that spark in him and his appearance, six packs,dance, action, dialogues and much more reflect his versatility. The song ‘Ram ji Chaal Dekho’ suits him completely. He is born into a violent family and falls for the beautiful damsel Leela (Deepika). The two fall in love and belong to the enmity families wherein their love story gets twists and the struggle starts. The Sanada clan girl and the Rajadi boy soon escape for getting married but the families trap them into the issues and the story continues further.

Talking about the lady of the movie, Leela has marked a tremendous performance. You just can’t get your eyes off her. Her energy level in delivering dialogues, dance, costumes which are of variant colors, her seductiveness and of course her violence or may be wild love for Ram, everything is just so perfect. The chemistry between Ram and Leela is just beautiful.  No doubt Deepika’s acting steals the movie at her end.

The direction, editing and the screenplay fall at some points but still worth watching. The music of the movie is refreshing. Tracks like ‘Nagada’, ‘Dishkiqyauh’ ‘Tattad Tattad’ are very much soothing to ears. The title track of the movie, ‘Ram Chahe Leela, Leela Chahe Ram’ played by another top actress of Bollywood, Priyanka Chopra is also breath taking. Supriya Pathak also plays wonderful in her character.

Full of colors, action, romance and wildness, best creation of SLB till date, Ram-Leela is definitely a worth watch this weekend. Check out the review exclusively at Page 3 Nashik!! 




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