Reviews Finding Fanny

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Reviews finding fanny

A still from the song Shake Your Bootiya!

Right from censor Board objecting to use of the word VIRGIN, to a woman in DELHI filling a PIL against the use of the word “fanny” (a Slang) To the song Shake Your Bootiya, the Movie got all the Publicity it needed!Well even Bad Publicity is Publicity:-) Page3Nashik reviews finding fanny!

Finding fanny is about 5 different characters played by Naseeruddin Shah, Pankaj Kapoor, Dimple Kapadia, Deepika Padukone and Arjun Kapoor (not to mention their credibility as actors) and their journey in finding Fanny Fernandes.The Movie is funny, dark, yet bright, a shimmering ride through a Goa far from the tight-rooted Trikal, the touristy Dil Chahta Hai. Its drama keeps surprising – but also meanders, including a round of an overacting Russian and an unnecessarily macabre cat. The movie is shot in a small town in goa called Pokolim. Fredie (Naseerudin Shah) who once wrote a love letter to his love finds out that the letter never reached as the letter is returned back to him after 46 years, unopened. This is when he decids to find Fanny. Angie (Deepika) who is a young widow, decided to help Freddie along with her mother-in-law, Rosie (Dimple Kapadia), who is also a widow. Savio (Arjun Kapoor) who loves Angie is back in town and decides to join the group since he is the one who can drive a car. Car belongs to Don Predo(Pankaj Kapoor). Like in every small town one man’s business is every other man’s business.5 of them decide to help Fredie find Fanny and set out in their journey.


Promotional posters used for Finding Fanny!

The comedy wont get u rolling but the humor in the movie makes it different from other movies. At certain times you may find yourself laughing with the characters. Like when Rosie thinks a robbery is entering the house and Angie yells her heart out, Rosie asks Angie not to shout because she might scare the robber away! When they get stuck in the journey since they are out of fuel, fredie decides to go out to get fuel the next day since he is afraid of the dark. To this Don Predo replies saying that “it is very difficult to overcome the fear of dark, especially in the day. Too much light my dear.”

The characters have played their part very well. Deepika Padukone as always is a treat to watch. Arjun Kapoor as an arrogant mechanic who loves Deepika has played his part very well. The elder actors Dimple Kapadia as Rosie as a obnoxious and a funny widow and Naseerudin Shah as a Romeo are fun to watch. Pankaj Kapoor as an artist however steals the show with his hilarious and wicked dialogues. Music by Mathias Duplessy and Sachin-Jigar not only blends with the film, but enhances it. It is interesting to watch that a director Homi Adajania, who has previously made typical bollywood masala movies could pull off a movie like this. While every director claims that their movie is different, this movie is actually different and should not be missed. He definetly earns an extra rating for coming up with this exceptional story. Anil mehta’s cinematography is bang on. Whether they find fanny isnt important, the journey is. Movie is a blend of human emotions and philosophy. How their life changes by the end of the trip is what you’ll find.

Some of our Bollywood fans (those hungry for masala in theatres) might find the movie a little slow, more so in the first half. Uncoventional in several ways — from the ending to the catharsis for the characters, the movie might not be ‘entertaining’ for conventional fans. If Bollywood entertainment masala or love story is what you seek, Finding Fanny is certainly not your pick. If you are up for a slow, light-hearted take on life, love and their philosophies, book your tickets NOW.Finding Fanny is a light hearted take on life, emotions and philosophies. Like me, if you love watching movies no matter what the genre is, then do catch this film. But not with your parents!

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