What the Fish – movie review

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WHAT THE FISH!! The cast has entirely justified the title of the movie. A movie with comedy based genre, directed by Gurmeet Singh stares Dimple Kapadia, Manu Rishi Chadha, Anand Tiwari, Geetika Tyagi. The entire 1 hour 48 minutes you just keep on wondering, What the Fish it is!! (I did the same)First-Look-new-Poster-of-What-The-Fish-Revealed-415x250

Sudha Mihra (Dimple Kapadia), a 67-year-old divorcee, living in Vasantkunj Delhi is a lady or you can say an instruction woman, who dislikes everyone except her pet fish Mishti and her money plant. She plans a trip to US and gives the responsibility of the house to her niece’s fiancé. She neither trusts him nor the people around her. She trusts only in herself and is lady having Obsessive Compulsion Disorder (OCD). She feels people around her perform black magic on her.

The movie is full of witty and ridiculous situations. Mrs. Mishra tells them the exact time when her fish needs to be feed and plant is to be watered. But the irresponsible guy, lets out the house to his friends and they to their friends, story continues with multiple occupants increasing daily. They party, booze, the girlfriend boyfriend and other stupid things start which make no sense.Dimple-Keralacinema.com_

Performance is only justified by the lady who once ruled Bollywood, yes Dimple but unfortunately she is not much in roles. The other cast, not even a single actor marks a remarkable job and leaves a memory in your minds. I am still wondering What The Fish!!

The songs, I would say OMG yes Oh My God!! I guess nothing else is to be mentioned further for music of the movie. An odd flick is served this weekend. If you are still planning to watch out this movie, please I would rather suggest spending 1 hour 48 minutes with your family at some good restaurant with the hot and spicy dinner or may be spicy fish  in this freezing weekend!!

Checkout the movie review at Page 3 Nasik!!!


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