Sunny Leone Talks About Her New Movie “Tina & Lolo”

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Tina-and-Lolo-Movie-PosterIts Sunny Leone on the Go!She is become the New Buzz in B-Town!She is already Making the news for her new movie Tina and Lolo .Ther’s No stopping The Baby Doll and her Pink lips!.The Rate at  which she is going don’t be surprised if she makes it to the Top actress or most Paid Actress by 2015.

Directed by Devgan Dholakia & shot in India, “Tina and Lolo” Stars Sunny Leone, Ameet Gaur & Karishma Tanna in a whole new ACTION AVATAR! The Movie Appears to be a Charlie’s Angels Kind of a Movie!Sunny Leone’s character is inspired by Angelina Jolie in Tomb Rider. The Movie Initially Starred Minnisha Lamba & Sunny Leone. However Minissha opted out of the movie as she wasn’t comfortable doing a lip-lock scene with Sunny Leone, Subsequently Karishma Tanna was signed to play the role. Sunny Leone & Karishma Tanna have been training hard to make sure their action-character looks real on the big screen. A leading tabloid reported that the girls insisted of not using body doubles and worked really hard for the thriller film.News says it they have been riding bikes, jumping from heights, flying in the air with the help of ropes & doing all needed for the movie.

Any guesses who is going be Tina & who’s going to be Lolo?

The film will be completed in November and released somewhere in Jan 2015.We say “BABY DOLL MAIN SONE DI” is on a roll!

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