The Secret to Teen Power by Paul Harrington – Book Review

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It is a great book for teens to obtain an understanding of the law of attraction providing practical ways to apply success principles and actual stories of other kids who have successfully applied the law of attraction to get outstanding results.



Rhonda Byrne needs no introduction. She took the world by storm when she first published The Secret. Even those who claimed themselves to be non-readers found themselves flocking to the book store to own a copy of this wonderful book.

‘Secret’, had stirred an inspiration for this guide for teens to be conceived. The Secret to Teen Power by Paul Harrington promises to follow the path of ‘The Secret’ and encourages teens to ring in happiness and harmony in every aspect of their lives. Paul Harrington, producer of The Secret film and author of The Secret to Teen Power, dreams to help teens understand The Secret so that their able to do or be anything their heart longs for.

Paul Harrington writes a powerful work for teens who really do need to hear The Secret message in “teen language” so they can implement these concepts into their daily lives. He uses teen specific experiences to help motivate and inspire teen-readers who will pick up this book, looking for a roadmap to improve their own lives.

Great parallels can be drawn to ‘The Secret’ but the language is something which will appeal to the kids. It’s written in a way kids can relate to, yet holds the same fundamental message. It’s a book you wished you read as a kid. It encourages hopes and dreams and let’s you know that what you truly want and wish for is possible and well within your realms.

No matter what your background is, The Secret can enhance, if not change your life for the better. With faith, perseverance, and the knowledge of The Secret, anything is possible, regardless of your age or ethnicity. There are no boundaries to what you can become, that is if you truly believe in your dreams and desires. For today’s teens, a perfect guide how to make things happen according to ones will and how to invite positive energy when dealing with issues like schoolwork, relationships, acquaintances, and self-worth.

The book includes personal testimonies of actual teens which demonstrate how learning the power of The Secret can improve and bring dreams to life. In each of its ten chapters the teens can learn how The Secret was revealed and how it is made simple. Whether its money, relationships, or good health, this guide breaks it down in simple ways to achieve ones desires.

The book doesn’t beat around the bush and gets to the point. Harrington understands that teenagers have the attention spans of a gnat. Thus the book is beautifully simple and a fast enjoyable read and some techniques suggested in the book are really interesting.

The Secret to Teen Power is a remarkable guide to success, dreams, and happiness. It is an easy read, but yet extremely informative. Even though this book is targeted for teens, adults can also grow and gain knowledge of what the law of attraction is and how it can transform their lives.

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