Top 10 things every person staying in a hostel goes through

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We would all agree when someone said that college life is a definite step up as compared to when we were in school. But if you stay in your college’s hostel, then that fun gets multiplied by a factor of 10! Staying in a hostel is an experience in itself. From collectively hating the mess food to late night sneak outs, here are a few things only hostellers would understand.
1. You master the art of time management and teleportation.
Despite getting up at 9.58 A.M., you can magically appear in the classroom by 10 A.M., that too after having breakfast. As if, you have some superpowers and then you have to reach on time.


I have superpowers, I can reach the class on time

2. The most common question that is asked in your hostel is, “Yaar, net chal raha hai kya?”

The internet plays has important part in a hostelites life. the internet should be working all the time whether fast or slow.


Happiness is my internet working fast!!

3. Getting good food at the mess is the main thing.

Whenever you land up at the mess, you yourself turn out to be in a mess by not getting the food.


Food in a mess

4.”Chalo aaj Shaadi ka khane kaate hai” is the word every time you have a messy food at the mess.


Shaadi ka khana..yummm

5. Maggi for you , You just can’t live without it.

Staying in a hostel and living on maggi is almost synonymous. It is the answer to midnight hunger pangs. No wonder, the maggi ad describes you very well..” meri 4 baje wali maggi”.


I love meri maggi

6. The hostel guard is the most important person in the hostel.

The guy has saved you so many times. And you have gratefully returned the favour with a bottle or two.


Your my man! Hostel Guard *winks*

7. Staying in a hostel means you have smuggled mess food; no matter how bad it is, into your room to scarf it down like a dog later during the night.


I hog my food, Like a Dog 😀

8. You have a hard disk full of movies that you collected from all your friends’ hard disks.


Which movie should I watch today??

9. Group study sessions are always a disaster.

There is always the one who says, “Oye, ab aadhe ghante tak koi nai bolega,” but to no avail.


Focus! Study! Focus

10. Your fellow hostellers give you a grand welcome whenever you return from home, but it’s not for you. It’s for the awesome goodies that your parents sent with you.


Ohh! good to see you after soo long..I really missed you.. * now what have you got for me??*



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