Transformers: Age of Extinction ( Movie review)

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transformersTransformers: Age of Extinction is releasing 2 years after the previous installment , though in the movie it is four years since the Autobots won the last battle on Earth. This movie grew more mature than the previous installments as we have Mark Walhberg in the lead instead of a confused teen (Shia Labeouf) .In this movie Mark is given an equal heroic stand on par with Optimus Prime. The first half of the movie is an exhilarating experience for car fanatics as you see more wide range of cars than the previous installments like Lamborghini, Pagani , Ferrari , Cadillac , Rolls Royce to name a transformers4_e345_N2few. In fact, the first half was so entertaining that the intermission was an interruption to the flow of the movie. The director Michael Bay showcases simulated physical action choreographed and enacted by what must have been legions of stunt people, ranging from Western-style punch-em-outs to martial arts kicks and chops to rooftop leaping  which is clearly executed with conviction and precision. There was a lot of criticism regarding the previous installments where people were not able to differentiate between the Transformers while they were fighting but in this movie the director has clearly worked on it. This gives all actions action lovers an amazing 3D experience.

The story line has well evolved from the previous installments as you do not have the usual Autobots vs Decepticons scenario.The story gets darker and goes deeper into the origin of Transformers. The length of the movie is 2 hours and 40 minutes. The second half of the movie feels a tad bit long not because its boring but because its actually long. The length of the movie is the reason for fewer shows in the multiplexes. The box office reports worldwide show that this fourth installment had grossed more than the previous installments on the opening day.The designs on the robots are simply awesome especially the new look on Bumblebee and Optimus Prime. It is a summer blockbuster. Transformers fanatics will simply love the movie. If you are not a fan it is still an action packed entertainer worth watching. 

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