[Video] RJ Bhushan composed a song for World Cup 2015 to encourage Indian team

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Every time cricket season rolls around, cricket loving fans take it upon themselves to motivate and cheer the team leaders in the most extraordinary way. One of the craziest cricket fans, Rj Bhushan, composed a song for the World Cup Indian team. Since Indian cricket team has a majority of fresh players on papers for this World Cup 2015 season, it was quite evident by Indians to lose confidence in the team. So he dedicated the World Cup 2015 song, which said “India tujh mein hai dum, India jeetenge hum”, to Indian team for his earnest efforts to let people of India gain confidence in the team members. Avinash Shirode from Rohan Enterprises sponsored this fabulous song. His first performance was at City Centre Mall, Unthwadi. He got a tremendous response from the crowd present there, cheering and humming the tunes with him.

Rj Bhushan at City Centre Mall

Rj Bhushan at City Centre Mall, gathered a good crowd with his song

Bhushan Matkari is a prominent radio jockey working meticulously at Radio Mirchi. He shot to fame when he composed his first song for the World Cup team in the year 2011. Yet again, he composed another song whose popularity reached its summit in no time. He is the composer of the song and has also designed the fabulous copncept of the song. Music arrangement of the song was given by Anil Dhumal, music of the flute was given by Mohan Upasani, Drums was given by Vinish Nayar, sound mixing and engineering was given by Swaranjay Dhumal. With so much to think upon just to cheer team India; I’m sure our team is going to grab that prestigious trophy soon. The marvelous video direction was given by Pushkraj Joshi and Ravi Jannawar. The inaugural function of the Audio CD was at the Mahatma Nagar Ground and there was a mammoth of people to support him and thus, team India. Some of the important guests present at the function were Ex. Police IG Mr. Bam, Maharashtra Cricket Association Vice President Mr. Vinod Shaha, Mayor of Nashik Mr. Murtadak and Deputy Mayor of Nashik Mr. Gurmeet Singh Bagga, The crowd at the ground was swooped by the energy Bhushan endowed in the song and the dynamism among the crowd was at its peak.

Guests present at the launch of the CD

Guests present at the launch of the CD

The song of Rj Bhushan was appreciated by some eminent personalities of Hindi and Marathi Cinema. Some of them were Hariharan, Nana Patekar and Salil Kulkarni. Nana Patekar praised the saying calling it a ‘Damdaar song’. I’m sure positive wordings from the film industry raised the spirits of the Rj to compose such encouraging songs for the team in the forthcoming years. Such encouragements will definitely raise the expectations of winning the world cup at the notch higher level.

Cricket is a place that bonds us Indians to the world like an enduring fist. Rj Bhushan bustles on similar lines about cricket. His beliefs are “Cricket is a bond that we all share. It is the root of our culture and an essence of our legacy. It is something that brings us together and unites us in an everlasting bond. This World Cup 2015 song brought about the true spirit of being an Indian. So I have dedicated this song to our beloved cricketers who will certainly bring another World Cup home. Have faith in our fellow team mates because you have no clue what they r capable of!” How delightful and inspiring his words are!!

Rj Bhushan at Mahama Nagar Groundt

Rj Bhushan at Mahama Nagar Groundt

Let’s all tune ourselves to the rhythm of ‘India Tujhme Hai Dum… India Jeetenge Hum…” Let’s all be a part of this legacy and cheer endlessly for India. Nashikites… Boost the morale of team India because that is all they wish for… Our support!!

Words by Virat Kohli “I always dreamt of holding the bat and winning games for India” Go… Virat… We believe in you and we know you will get the trophy back home!!

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