Gold’s Gym (Nashik)

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The Original Gold’s Gym started in Venice, California in 1965. It was the place for serious workout. No frills, just the best atmosphere with the best equipment to built your body. Muscle beach bodybuilders found a inside haven at Gold’s Gym which soon was known as the “Mecca of Bodybuilding”. Gold’s Gym, Venice was the hotbed for the development of training techniques, equipment and nutritional concepts that formed the foundation for the modern fitness revolution. In 1975, Gold’s Gym received international attention when it was featured in the major motion picture, “Pumping Iron”.

As the legend grew, so did Gold’s Gym. From that first gym in Venice, Gold’s Gym has become the largest international gym with over 680 facilities.

The fitness industry has come a long way since the 60’s and Gold’s Gym continues to set the standard. Gold’s Gym has remained true to its roots and a firm commitment to results. At Gold’s Gym, you” ll find state-of-the-circuits and cardiovascular equipment, free weights and cutting  edge  group classes such as spinning, aerobics in its various centers.  With certified trainers and nutritional counseling, Gold’s Gym provides a comprehensive approach to the health and well being of its member. Whether your goal is to burn fat, tone or cardiovascular fitness, only Gold’s Gym has the atmosphere and experience you need.

Walk into Golds Gym nashik and you will walk out with energy, strength and confidence that results provide.

FITNESS ASSESSMENT:  A Full body fitness assessment is conducted before the member starts his workout. This helps the trainer prepare a schedule card for him keeping in mind his fitness levels and goals. The fitness assessment includes full body measurement and fat analysis.

EXCLUSIV LADIES GYM: To cater to the fitness requirements of Nasik women we offer fully equipped ladies gym with lady trainer.

STEAM: Separate steam rooms available complimentary to members.


Gym Package

Use of gym facilities-Cardio vascular section, strength training and free weight area, Group Exercise, Spinning*, steam room.

Package :  Yearly ,6 month, 3 month, 1 month.

Gym Package  (Students)

Must be students with a valid identity card, up to 18 years of age.

Weight Loss Programs

Qualified Nutritionist is available to guide you through the ultimate weight loss or weight gain nutrition program. Choose through the program of your choice depending on weight loss requirement. Program: Use of gym facilities, cardio vascular section, strength training and free weight area, Group Exercise, Spinning, steam room .Daily consultation with the nutritionist. Packages: as per requirement.


Top class programe includes Pranayam, Yoga, Power Yoga, Nutrition Counseling, and Aerobics.

TRAVEL CARD: As per international standards we offer our members a travel card by which they can use the Gold’s Gym facilities for 14 days per center in India and while traveling to another country.

TRANSFER CERTIFICATE:   In case you cannot utilize the gym facilities yourself, you Gold’s Gym membership is transferable to a non-member or to Gold’s Gym in India at a nominal transfer charge & difference in membership (if any).

LOCKER ROOMS:  There are exquisite locker rooms for ladies & gents to keep their belongings while they are in the gym.


The Cardio Vascular Section has state-of-the-art machines comprising of treadmills, Recumbent bikes, Elliptical machines, Steppers, Arc Trainers & Rowers from Star Trac and Cybex, USA. The Machines are sleek, stunning and very user friendly. The Machines have TV’s mounted in front of them to give the exerciser a view of local channels for entertainment

STRENGTH TRAINING : This section is equipped with the latest machines from Cybex, Precor, Nautilus & Hoist USA, which isolate targeted muscles for more specialized training. The location of the strength training machines is in such an area that all members/guests entering the gym feel the vigor and vitality of the place, and feel like working out.

THE FREE WEIGHT AREA  : The free weights area is judiciously located in a separate section, which exudes a rough and tough ambience for serious bodybuilding. It has plate-loaded machines where plates, dumbbells and barbells are from Jade, Reebar and Ivanko, USA. The dumbbells go up to 140 pounds.

PERSONAL TRAINING : Certified trainers’ are available to guide members through specialized programs. Personal trainers guide, motivate and make sure the member adheres to their program. The trainers are constantly updated on latest techniques through visiting Gold’s Gym trainers.

SPINNING :Spin away those calories to the rhythmic intensity through this hi-energy cardio workout. Increase heart rate and condition muscles while burning calories.

GROUP EXERCISE : Work out to the beats of Hollywood and Bollywood  music. Increase flexibility, balance, strength and stamina. Improve muscle co-ordination and added grace in movement and posture. Variety of classes available.

Glow Gym (India) Pvt. Ltd
II Floor, Vasant Market
Canada Corner, Nashik-5.
Tel: (0253) 2319364
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