Know all the facts about Outdoor Gym Equipments, manufactured in Nashik

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Living in the fast lane, opting for instant-food over food cooked slowly and scientifically, aping the western food culture and habits etc has give rise to many a lifestyle diseases. Lifestyle disorders spare no one and it would be important to note that even the relatively younger population of the country is suffering from hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular ailments and numerous joint related disorders. Osteoarthritis is another health scare looming over our necks like a naked sword.  Osteoarthritis, a degenerative joint disease, involves degradation of the condition of joints mostly due to loss of cartilage and may even cause stiffness, locking or pain.

Even Senior citizens can easily exercise with the Outdoor Gym Equipments

Even Senior citizens can easily exercise with the Outdoor Gym Equipments

Intervention programmes coupled with inculcating healthy eating habits and making time for physical activity and exercise and effective  on improving knowledge, attitude and practices regarding healthy nutrition and effective stress management techniques will have a positive impact on one’s overall health.

Nashik, pulling up its socks to be the next metro city, is too growing in leaps and bounds and so are the people of the city (pun intended). But fortunately awareness about one’s health and well-being has seeped in and the city is opting for various measures and mediums to keep active and stay fit. One interesting fitness funda that has bitten our Nashik city are outdoor gymnasium equipments. Outdoor Gym Equipments in manufactured in Nashik. All thanks to Sansun Industries, based in Nashik, is one of the leading industries in the field of health care equipments, working at providing high quality by manufacturing in all types of Gymnasium equipment; children play ground equipments, outdoor gym equipments. It was conceived by Rajendra Jadhav, a qualified Engineer, who in the year 2009 felt the dire need of establishing outdoor gyms all across the different cities of India.

Work-out in the open and stay tuned to nature

Work-out in the open and stay tuned to nature

Sansun Industries is a major player in manufacturing hospital equipments and furniture, apart from being a popular name in the field of Solid west management products, fabrication steel and sports. The organization believes in constant innovation and by catering to changing needs of the customer and customizing its products according user requirements.

Nashikites do not necessarily need to flock to the Gyms, although we are not ruling out the amazing fitness centres available in our city. If working out at a Gym is not a suitable option for you, it doesn’t matter because Sansun outdoor Gym equipment will touch your life in many ways. The company produces exercise equipments like cycle, sky walker, double standing twister, seated twister, back extension, horse rider, hack squat, chest presser, seated puller, parallel and horizontal bars, multifunctional trainer and many more equipments that have created ripples in the fitness industry.

Many public areas like public parks and municipal gardens, municipal councils, Panchayats, Trust, Schools, Hostels, Resorts, Industrial Sectors and Hospitals all house these outdoor gym equipments. With outdoor equipment being both easily available and accessible to the ‘common man’ (read middle class), the reach out is simply great as more and more Nashikites are becoming fitness savvy. Infact a lot of citizens vouch for the benefits of an open or a green gym.

Shares, Varsha Rathi, a homemaker who is a regular jogger at the Godavari Jogging track. “I often take a break from my jogging regime and reap the benefits of exercising right under the sky. I believe it is better than working out in aair-conditioned indoor Gym.” Indeed working out in the open makes the entire workout routine a lot more enjoyable. The lush greenery around you, the sound of the birds, the fresh morning air makes your workout enjoyable and more engaging. The aesthetics coupled with watching people just like you working out and trying to get in shape can be really motivating. Who knows you can end up making some great workout buddies and move towards being a ‘fitter you.’ Indeed, Nashik Doesn’t work-out, it works-OUT.

A few places in Nashik to work-OUT with Outdoor Gym Equipments:

1. Green Gym at River front Cruise: A jogging track located on the banks of the river Godavari

2. Golf Ground

3. Indira Nagar Jogging Track


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