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Eating out 2Are u a connoisseur of Food? Do u define yourself as a Gourmand Or Foodie?  If yes, then the ‘Eat Away Card’ is perfect for you. This one of a kind card cuts’s through Nashik’s culinary clutter to bring the best offers in Food & Alcohol, & not just any F&B, but the BEST IN TOWN!!! So if u believe that the best investment is FOOD, then the Eat Away Card if for YOU! The Eat Away Card is an awesome loyalty program that brings flat discounts on food and alcohol at some of the city’s best restaurants, cafes, and wineries. Because really, do you have the time (or the stomach) to trudge through fifty mediocre options?! We did it, so you don’t have to. The Card offers discounts at most of the leading Food Outlets in the city. Other awesome extras:

  • You’ll get an additional free card for someone in your family (last name has to be same), and each of you can take your respective friends out and get the discount on your entire group.
  • The discount is standardized across restaurants and applicable on your entire a-la-carte bill, food and alcohol.
  • They have also included 11 Single-Use Coupons, which can be redeemed during the entire validity of the card. Except the ‘Stay’ Coupon, there is no purchase necessary for any of the other 10 coupons. You can simply go to the establishment, redeem the coupon,  and walk out. [ A combined 12 days of free Gym usage ensures us a guilt-free  conscience for all the discounted food and beverage you will consume 😉 ]

This card highlights their favourite parts of the city – it’s their greatest hits list. Some of these you recognise and love; some you will discover. The selection in terms of quality, geography and diversity – cuisine, ambiance and price points are impeccable! Speaking of pricing (Rs. 125/- a month), the card is designed in a way so that the cost at most restaurants, can be recovered by the discount on a single meal every month. The relatively inexpensive restaurants on their list, we figured people would visit more often. Some people might say  – “But I don’t go to half these places,” or “I don’t drink alcohol.” they anticipated that (well, not the alcohol part – who are you?!) and built it into the cost of the Card. Don’t believe us? Do the math.

Eating out is gonna cost a lot less now!!!!
For Card inquiries
Contact us at:9890444375/9503052735/0253-2354375

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