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As days pass by, major initiatives have been put into action in Nashik to make sure the city is well prepared for the mega event – Kumbh Mela, 2015. One such major activity taken up is the inspections of hotels and restaurants in the city.

images (2)Nashik will be observing tourists and travelers across the world during the mega event and hence the concerned authorities want to make sure that the food served in the eating joints is of good quality and meets the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards.

Nashik being the holy city, the Kumbh Mela takes place every 12 years where lakhs of pilgrims, sadhus visit for the holy dip. The health and safety is of major concern as these pilgrims will stay in the city during the event. Around 14000 hotels, restaurants and eateries in Nashik are registered with the office of FDA. Dedicated workshops and seminars will be held to create awareness to ensure proper hygiene and quality.

The Municipal Commissioner, Mr. Sanjay Khandare said, “Of the lakhs of devotees who will be visiting Nashik during the upcoming Kumbh mela, most of them will be eating food at the city hotels and restaurants. Their health will naturally be a major priority for us. Considering that, we have decided to inspect all hotels and restaurants to check the quality of food served there. We will soon start inspection of city hotels. We are also planning to organize workshops to create awareness among them pertaining to preparing and serving hygienic food. We will also provide training to some hoteliers and restaurant owners.”

The proposed plan will come into being very shortly and we hope that the concerned people cooperate as it is for public interest.

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