Free Food For Everyone In Deolali

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maharaj kisan birmani

Maharaj Kishan Birmani

There are many social organizations all vying to do what We term ‘good’ deeds. Most of them go around with their pompous “we did it campaigns”, with in all honesty very little to really show. Walking the streets of Deolali, , a military Cantonment one is struck with the apparent lack of beggars especially those who beg for food. Begging is endemic to any Indian town but the hungry types are a rarity in Deolali. In a Country where kids die every day From Undernourishment & Hunger. The Town of Deolali, Nashik stand as inspiration to the country as a Hunger Free Town. No One goes without Food in Deolali!


The Staff members at Puri Bhaji Center

Maharaj Kishan Birmani makes sure that no one starts their day without breakfast or goes to sleep empty stomach. An industrialist and partner in Sivananda Electronis, Maharaj Kishan Birmani runs the Puri Bhaji Centre in Deolali, on Lam Road which feeds nearly 1,000 of people daily, from a poor laborer, to a beggar, to people on run to office, to the housewife who didn’t get time to cook breakfast. This center, for past 18 years has been running successfully and feeding people for minimal or free of cost. The idea of distributing food came to Maharaj Birmani, when he was taking care of some 150 kids. He discovered that these kids were falling sick due to unhygienic and unhealthy food. That’s when he decided to give the hygienic food to eat ,he eventually saw a substantial improvement in the Kids health. The center started when this man all on his own with his gracious wife wanted to extend his ideas to a larger population than just those his home kitchen looked after. The couple searched for a place to start a kitchen. None available and as usual the callous town people weren’t ready to part with a room. Strange are the ways of God as another Good Samaritan arrived on the scene and “loaned” the usage of his dilapidated house. The kitchen was set up. Single gas stove, a few utensils, and “donations” in kind started arriving. Puri and bhaji was the staple and was cooked by destitute widows. Soon word spread and the “Puri Bhaji” Center gained acknowledgement. The good man was seen as a messiah by the poor and soon the whole show was well on the road to success. Mr  Birmani an Ex-Roract club president extended the concept of charity and care to the local Rotarians as another of their projects towards care giving.


Man waits for his Puri Bhaji to be served.

“We believe in only one thing. The person who steps out of home in the morning should have his stomach full. We give puri-bhaji packet to everyone who asks for it and whatever quantity they ask for, whether they pay or not,” said Maharaj Birmani. Though the puri-bhaji packet costs 6 Rs, no matter who asks for it and in what quantity, no one goes empty handed, be it a laborer, or relatives visiting their sick ones in hospital or a Mother who didn’t get time to prepare something for her little ones or anyone on way to their office, no one goes hungry here. Those who can pay pay for it, and those who cant get it for FREE! Birmani and his family members start early morning, by preparing dough for puris and prepping potatoes for the famous potato bhaji. They start serving their preparation from 7 am till 10 am. At night they prepare up-to 150 packets of biryani to be distributed to hungry people. Kids who come to center for food are fed with a glass of milk, puri and biscuits for free. Birmani says “We are proud to see some children, who ate free breakfast in their childhood, now have returned to the centre to pay for others and even donate. That’s our achievement.”

“We started with some people and now we have 7 staff members engaged in preparing the steaming hot breakfast for our guests every morning. We also have started another center at Nashik Road that offers 700 packets daily in the morning,” Birmani says. But every good work hits a hurdle. Birmani suffers a loss of 20-22,000 Rs. every month. But that doesn’t deter him from doing this charitable work. He urges influential and well off people in other cities to follow his example and provide food for needy, at least a breakfast. He says that incurring a loss of Rs. 20-22,000 is nothing compared to see 1,000 of satisfied and content smiles.

Page3Nashik Says, if we get 1 Birmani in each city, no one will start their day empty stomach!

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