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Nashik is a mysterious blend of different cultures and cuisines. Maharashtrian, Punjabi, Gujrati, Rajasthani are to name a few. There are pioneers who brought new concepts in the city to savor the taste buds and to offer a great culinary experience. One of them, to offer the first Gujrathi thali in Nashik is Hotel Samrat.

Nested in the old city in a rather conventional area, this is one such destination which is not quite easy to miss. Started in the year 1982, this old built is now taken care by Mr. Daksh Parekh. This pure vegetarian hub reminds you of the old simplistic places. The décor is not too fancy to enjoy a candle light evening but has a rustic feeling where what matters the most is to have great food.

Page 3 Nashik was pleased to have a quick food check at Hotel Samrat. The team started with a common snack Hara Bara Kabab which was dipped into fats, crunchy and had a slight spicy touch to it. For the main course, we asked our host to get us the popular Indian cuisine. We were served an interestingly different dish ‘Garden Surprise’ which came in as a definite surprise. Beautiful colors peeping out of the dish, the veggies were bright and clear. This course had a tangy and smooth aromatic feel to it. It was indeed our personal favorite for sure.


Next served on the platter was the mushroom masala and dal tadka . As not many people like to have mushrooms, this dish might change your outlook.  Prepared in brown gravy, the mushrooms were soft and very much appealing to the palate. The quantity was descent enough to have a filling meal. Whereas, the dal which had a sweet sour taste with redolent garlic tadka went well with soft phulkas and tawa parathas. Both the dishes were big servings at a reasonable price and definitely worth a bite.

Unfortunately, the dum biryani which was served at a later stage did not work wonders. It was mildly spiced, less of veggies and lacked the biryani flavors. The rice preparation was colorful but insipid. And finally, it was the dessert hour. Hot gulaab jamun prepared by the chefs of the hotel were neither very sweet nor very out of size. Little rounds were easy to stuff in the mouth, relishing and settling the taste buds.


The hosts of the hotel were wise in their regard and the restaurant was blessed with comfortable and excited energies. As is it right quoted, “All is well that ends well”, the team of Page 3 Nashik was delighted to have a fine dining experience at Hotel Samrat. To end, we would convey this message to our viewers that the mark of a good restaurant is not necessarily its size, but the quality of the food and the generosity of the staff. All you vegans out there, Hotel Samrat is waiting with a surprise.

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