Ramzaan Special: Top 5 places in Nashik to feast on Ramzaan delicacies

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Ramzaan also known as Ramadan is the ninth month of Islamic Calendar.

In this period, Muslims all over the world observe whole day fast from sunrise till sunset. The holy month is set to begin today and its the time of deep reflections for all the Muslims worldwide.

If you are in Nashik City during Ramadan, it’s the fantastic opportunity to feast in some restaurants of Nashik that serve really a Nawabi meal and snacks items.

People from all over come here to get a taste of true Ramadan food! The.

A long stretch of food stalls at Dudh Bazaar has plenty to offer and as you’re walking by, you find yourself trying something new in every stall.

This place is heaven for vegetarians and non-vegetarians eaters. Page3nashik presents with the top 5 places in Nashik to feast at this Ramzaan :

1) Hotel Chote MiyaanOB-PC150_ikebab_D_20110809081012

Located at Dudh Bazaar in Nashik, Chote Miyaan specializes in Chicken Biryani and Mutton Biryani ( Especially the yummiest Pineapple Raita served with biryani). They serve a variety of starters like chicken Tikka, Kathi Kebabs, Chana Masala, Butter Chicken and many more. Tandoori-Chicken-567x378


2) Haji Darbar

Binge this Ramadan on the chicken Shawarmas, Kebabs, Shamiyani Kebab, Chicken Cutlets, Chicken rolls and Frankies, Mutton Kebabs at Haji Darbar.

The Chicken Shawrma is the special delight of Haji Darbar which is Finger-licking good. Haji Darbar is located at Dudh Bazaar, Old Nashik.

3) Laa-Saani

Located at Nagji area opp Sahyadri Hospital, Laa-Saani is newly launched restaurant which specialises in Arabic dishes and deserts like Halim,  shahi chicken and deserts like Firni, Custard caramel, shahi Tukda, Fruit Salads, Falooda, Malpuas, Sitafal Halwa and Mithai etc.


4) Kokni DarbarOB-PD362_ifirni_E_20110812043930

A well known and one of the famous family restaurant in Nashik that serves the best in Variety of Chicken Chilly like Shalimar Chilly, Chicken dry Chilly, Banglore chilly, Mutton Chilly and many more.

One can never stop themselves from eating this wide range of dishes.

5) Nashik Darbar

Located at Nagji area, Nashik Darbar serves as a born appetite.

The hotel serves as a treat to the Ifatar with a wide range of complete meal items both vegetarian and Non-vegetarian from Chicken handi, Chicken Basket, Chicken Kolhapuri, shahi chicken Korma, Chole to Pulao, Kashmiri Biryani, Hyderabadi Biryani and many more.

In the month of Ramdan-FoodRamadan, if you wonder where the crowd is after six in the evening, you must know that they’re busy savouring the tasty food at the roadside stalls and restaurants and you must be there too.

It doesn’t matter Whether you’re a Muslim or not, you must visit these places as this is the best time of the year to do so!

Having a proper dinner here, you’re well off without a meal the next day! To get the real ‘Iftaar’ experience head to these above-mentioned joints in Nashik.

If you know some places which I have missed, please feel free to add it in a comment below.

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