Special Sundays at Makhmalabad

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Misal-Pav, a traditional Maharashtrian breakfast/brunch with different variations. Though it is a great combination of different sprouted lentils ( Matkee & Moong being a major ) mixed with Sev-Farsan, no single Misal recipe tastes always the same. It differs from hot spicy to very less spicy version depending on ranges of Masalas used. Misal is usually prepared with Kaala Masala, Gooda Masala, Lalmirchi Masala, Bramhani Masala and Khada Masala. Each Masala gives a distinct colour, taste and aroma to the Misal. The Sev-Farsan used for the filling and decoration are varying according to the taste and availability. Also there are variations in garnishing with onion, tomatoes, potatoes, green chillies and fried groundnuts. Hence, whenever we visit any Misal joint in the city or outside, it is an altogether different experience.


One of the most liked misal joints in Nashik is Makhmalabad. A  Typical Sunday starts with climbing Chambhar leni  in the early and lazy Sunday mornings. A good breakfast, like misal is the cherry on the cake. Misal in Makhmalabad gaon near Nashik, became popular in no time for its less spicy taste and sufficient amount of Usal in it. They offer a plate full of sprouted Matkee with a faint yellow sev, fried groundnuts and chopped onions with coriander. Separate serving for ‘Tarree’ is provided for spicy food lovers. The amount of Tarree, a spicy preparation with oil and red chillies, depends on individual taste buds. Special misal for kids is also served, keeping in mind the taste buds of the little ones. One of the popular Misal of Makhmalabad comprises of fried Udid Papad and a small bowl of curd.

[googlemap src=”https://maps.google.co.in/maps/ms?msid=213249701605823715269.0004ddd6b2507eea85754&msa=0″ align=”aligncenter” ] It is an open kitchen format and one can see the yummy preparation of misal, in big utensils getting garnished and served.

The owners of this popular joint, Mr & Mrs. Pingle along with their school going son serve Nashikites with warm hospitality. There are merely five wooden tables in the small Gala accommodating six people on each table. If you are large in number, the very earthy seating is opted where one can feel at home and enjoy the meal with ‘Bhartiya baithak.’ The hotel serves only Misal, tea and coffee but with a lot of flavour and love.

So, Nashkites make plans to dig in your hands in the mouth watering misal preparation for the earliest Sunday.


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