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Sandy’s Recipe a major egg-atarian restaurant situated near Upnagar boldly states ‘Sundayho ya Monday roz khaao ande.’ This petit egg hub is rooted in Nashik for more than 5 years. Located on the busy roads of Nashik- Pune highway this hangout destination offers more than 101 distinct varieties of egg. Sandy’s not just offers dishes prepared with eggs but many others as well.

The highly cited Sandy’s drew the attention of Page 3 Nashik’s food review team. The restaurant had a rustic ambience and extremely filled spaces. The restaurant had a typical aroma as most of its dishes are prepared with eggs. For some it was aroma but for some it was an unbearable odor.


After a wait of 10-12 minutes the team ordered the most awaited cuisine. A chicken masala platter, garlic naan and mix vegetables sabji was on the team’s menu. The chicken masala was thick greased gravy and the salt less garlic naan disappointed the taste buds of the food reviewers. But the team continued as the restaurant was highly praised.

Next on the table was the mix vegetable sabji served with hot rice. The finely chopped vegetables with all the Indian masalas and of course oil brought back the taste buds which granted a ‘feel-good’ feeling. Hot rice complimented with the sabji very wellBut an overall messy and nasty locate displeased the team and left them with foul memories.

A while back Sandy’s was well- known name in Nashik and served one of the best cuisines in town. But unfortunately it is not able to retain its name as the quality is degrading and so is the service. Despite of the presence of the management team the customers seemed dissatisfied and overlooked. The highly engaged roads and the uncivilized parking added to the discontent.

To summarize the big picture at Sandy’s, it was lousy, annoying and extremely mismanaged. We hope that both the quality and service at Sandy’s recipe are upgraded in the coming years and it gets back with a bang.

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