Top 5 reasons why Bapu Pull in Nashik is the new youth hangout spot

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Bored of usual hangouts at College Road? Bored of sipping wines at Sula? Are you at your wits end trying to figure out new hangouts to spend time with your besties. But why is it that Aapla Nashik lacks places for youth hidey-hole? Our girlies are grounded getting caught at the same-old-shitty hangouts that are frequented by every Tom-Dick-and Harry. Well, it’s never too late to splish-splash good news and save you from the world-weariness. Let’s inject some enthusiasm in your brain cells by knocking you off with a new hangout place for our youth… The Bapu Pull (bridge)!! Nashik youth are infected with the Bapu Pull disease. Forget Disney land, this is the liveliest place for the youth at present. Scroll down to read top 5 reasons why Bapu Pull in Nashik is the new youth hangout spot:

  • Resemblance to Marine Drive :

For once, Nashik has a place that resembles Marine Drive from Bombay. Oh yeah!! Nasik is competing with Bombay in some respects. With an unsoiled river on one hand and a concrete bridge at the other, this place is impeccably a bang-on spot for all the lovey-doveys. This place, in the mornings, seems to be totally undiscovered but later in the evening, it is the most happening place in Nashik. Oh yes… the credit goes to our youngsters!!

Bapu Pool is our Marine Drive

Bapu Pull is our Marine Drive

  • Romantic long drives:

Driving on the Bapu Pull  is a trip to tranquility, surrounded by peace and away from all the hosh-posh of the city. Go on a drive with your loved ones and experience the magical world out there.

Perfect place for picture-perfect long drives!!

Perfect place for picture-perfect long drives!!

  • Plunge at the riverside:

Professionals dive into the river for a swim while non-professionals prefer boating at Bapu Pull; while some couples can simply chit-chat at the river side. Aunties and uncles go for evening or morning walks with unpolluted breeze brushing their face. Youngsters hang out at riverside or try different stunts with their bikes on the road. That bridge is so full of activities every evening. I must say that place is quite attention-grabbing with lots to set your eyes on!! That is why we say… It’s a favourite hangout for the youth of Nashik.

Bike Riders put up a good show at Bapu Pool

Bike Riders put up a good show at Bapu Pull

  • Restaurants for munchies:

Going to a restaurant is one of the keenest pleasures for a youngster. Hungry bees can seek shelter at Hotel River Dine which is situated at the start of Bapu Pull. This hotel has a perfect riverside ambience covered by long coconut trees. Puffs n Rolls will soon be joining the wagon of restaurants for our munchies at that bridge. So Nashikites that place is soon going to be bang up-to-date in the upcoming months!!

Munching at the restaurants

Munching at the restaurants with the perfect ambience

  • Beauty at its best:

Bapu Pull is so full of greenery and water all around. Oh cut the crap!! This is what oldies think. Well for youngsters, ‘beauty of a place’ is a connotation for ‘falling in love with a boy/girl’. Bapu Pull is the perfect place to think deeply about a boy or a girl. Mind it… you need peaceful places to sort your mind!! For guys in their teens, it’s the perfect place to propose a girl. For 20-something boys/girls, it’s a place to think about their career; while for 30-something men/ladies, it’s a place to cry out loud. As they say beauty lies in the eyes of a beholder”. Also, it is a seamless place to experiment with your camera and capture your loved ones in memories.

Bapu Pool is the perfect get-away for couples

Bapu Pull is the perfect get-away for couples


Accept it or not, Bapu Pull is a perfect place for the youth hangout. The aura of that place is so hypnotic that you will be bonded to that spot for hours. Visit Bapu Pull to experience greenery, undisturbed water and unpolluted air in a jiffy. I hope Nashikites discover such places time and again and make Nashik a perfect place to live in.

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