Wine Tasting in Nashik

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Maharashtra alone has 23,000 hectares of land under grapes out of which around 1000 hectares is under wine grapes. When you talk of wine, you talk of Nashik. Nashik, often referred to as Napa valley is the wine capital of India since it accounts to a large number of wine export.

Nashik (Maharashtra)

Nashik (Maharashtra)

Nashik, surrounded by breathtaking western mountains and ghats, is a home for India’s finest wines. The  weather, fertile land and the gentle slope makes it a perfect location for cultivating wine grapes. The stretch between Igatpuri and Dindori offers you a range of Indian wines to taste. Harvesting period being between February to March, is the best time to visit Nashik for wine tasting.

Wine tatsing is all about evaluating a wine in terms of it appearance, aroma and taste. Tasting wine is important since it will help you pick the wines that will suit your taste. And so you need to first know what tastes you prefer most.

Evaluating a wine can be done through its appearance, through its aroma and by tasting it. However tasting is important to get the balance of flavours correctly.

The question is how do your get started?

More about wines

More about wines

The rest of the article will help you find the easiest and effective way to taste and find the perfect wine for you.

1. Learn to describe a wine:

There are 4 different tastes of wine that can be distinguished from the other as described below.

Fruit -> sweetness or sugar content in the wine

Acid -> the crisp tingling feeling you get on your tongue.

Oak -> is the buttery flavour and

Tannin -> is the bitter feeling on the teeth, similar to feeling after chewing a grape.

2) Define your palate style:

Second step to tasting will be to know the flavours you prefer in your wine. This is called as defining your palate style. Once your palate style is ready, you know what you like and this will help you to pick your wine easily. To start with, pick up three wines of different variants in terms of flavour (storekeeper can help you select the wines).

Then for each wine, Use a score chart from 1 to 10 to rate the wines based on 4 descriptions mentioned above. These rating should NOT be according to what you like. You need to mention level of the presence of each flavour in the wine. (1 meaning none and 10 means larger amount of it.)

Exploring the taste buds

Exploring the taste buds

For eg. If you taste a typical Pinot grigio, you may rate it 3-6 for fruit, 2-4 for oak, just a 2 for tannin and as high as 8-10 for acid. This explains its typical flavour content.

You can use the table below for the ratings.

3) Determine your flavour of preference:

Now that your chart is complete, you can decide on which wine you preferred which ultimately determines which flavour you prefer over the other. A person who chooses Californoa Chardonnay would be a white wine drinker preferring a medium fruit, medium oak, medium acid and low tannin. On the other hand, person who chooses Merlot would be a red wine drinker preferring medium tannin, medium oak, low acid and high fruit.

You might actually be surprised as to how a wine you never chose earlier, actually suits you taste, this is merely because of the balance of flavours.

4) Buy a wine right off the shelf:

Once you are ready with your palate style, you are ready to choose your wine. Go to any large wine store, and pick up wines with completely different variants with a tag that describes the wine. The comments on tag are generally by professionals, who rate them on a scale of 100.

5) Learn to interpret tags on the Wine:

Read the tag carefully. You may find comments like medium fruity, slight acidic flavour.If this is what suits your palate style, then there you are, with the right wine for yourself.

Knowledge is power when it comes to wine tatsting

Knowledge is power when it comes to wine tatsting

6) Know the standard descriptions by Experts:

Chocolaty, Earthy. Cherries, Lemony, Crisp, Green Apple may be some of the terms used to describe the wine flavour by the experts that will only help you understand the flavour better.

7) Get started:

Wine tasting in Nashik is soon climbing numbers owing to the lovely vineyards the city boasts of and the influx of wine connoisseurs. Believe us, it is as easy as it seems to be. A little adventurous analysis will help you to not only pick up the right wine for yourself but you will also be able to gift your dear ones. All you need to know is the taste they would prefer. So go ahead and get your palate style right now.

Happy Wine Tasting… Cheers!!


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