7 types of Sadhus visiting Nashik for Kumbh Mela 2015

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The Kumbha Mela is a mamoth of a celebration for the Hindus. It happens once in every 4 years rotationally in each one of the cities that are cited holy by the Hindus. This mean by the time it reaches the first holy city, twelve years have flown by. No wonder Nashik is all geared up with open arms to welcome the lakhs of devotees and sadhus that will flock to Nashik city to take a dip in the holy waters for Kumh Mela 2015.

Apart from the gigantic wave of devotees that come to seek blessings, here are hordes of Sadhus and Sadhvis without whom this huge pilgrimage fair would look devoid of colour. Following are the 7 types of Sadhus you are likely to find in the Nashik Kumbh Mela 2015.

1. The Chillum smoking Sadhus:

One can find a number of Sadhus smoking marijuana and basking in the glory of the moment.





2. Camera friendly:

Sadhus are often viewed as mystic beings. Foreigners are also fascinated by te Hindu culture and are often seen seeking divine blessings from the spiritual gurus. A few sadhus don’t mind striking a pose or two with devotees across the border.

A Naga sadhu holds a Sony video camera during the “Shayi Snan” (royal bath) during he Maha Kumbh

3. Dressy Sadhus:

Some Sadhus choose to go beyond saffron clothing and make a striking appearance.

4. Naga Sadhus:

If you are of the opinion that Sadhus only clad Saffron clothing, its time to know about the other spectrum of Sadhus who believe in parading naked (hence the name Naga Sadhus). A number of people seek blessings from their genitals.

a Naga sadhu, or Hindu naked holy man, returns after taking a ritual dip

5.  Acrobatic Sadhus:

Th Sadhus will literally take your breath away by their acrobatics and complex Yoga positions

Sadhus performing Yoga and acrobatics

Sadhus performing Yoga and acrobatics

6. Not just meditating:

‘Sitting in penance’ to achieve Nirvana is not all that the Sadhus do all day. Look at the pictures below to see their fun side.

A Sadhu enjoys his morning news

A Sadhu enjoys his morning news

A sadhu is seen enjoying a ride with a friend

7. Female Sadhvis:

A number of females who have embraced the life of a Sadhvi are also seen praying in devotion and blessing those who seek.


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