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2Like every year, the students of Amro College of Hotel Management, Rajur Bahula, Nashik, had organized their annual theme dinner. This year’s theme was “Ghost in a Village”, giving a rustic village setting and featuring Indian and Mexican cuisine in the menu.

As per the norm of the hotel management course, the third year students are supposed to use the theoretical knowledge that have accumulated over 3 years of studies, and use that practically into organizing an event on their own merits. From choosing the theme, planning for it, designing the menu, marking the layout, getting sponsors and finally executing it all; all the work is done solely by the students, with only guidance
from the team of faculty at the college. And following those very guidelines, the students successfully carried out their mission.DSC_0412

“Ghost in a Village” featured various dance performances by students including a “lavani” dance as well as a special ode to Lord Ganapati. Also featured was the popular Pune based band “Veda”, who came back to their home city after several years. Veda is an alternative folk rock band that is well known for their blend of rock elements accompanied by their more rustic and folk instruments, many of which were seen on a Nashik stage for the first time. Guests were enthusiastic throughout all the performances, and even took out time to try out the interesting games that were
organized in the village hut.

Guests were especially appreciative of the set up of the campus that was directed to look like an authentic village, complete with an actual bullock cart and even a live goat. And to make things scary in keeping with the “ghost” aspect of the theme, there were
scarecrows, a small cemetery and even a hanging body from a tree. Two students were also dressed as demons and walking around scaring guests from time to time.

DSC_0494The food prepared by the students was also much appreciated, with many new dishes being provided for the guests, both in Indian as well as Mexican cuisine. Special kudos went to the dessert section which introduced the Mexican dessert “Churros” which was a big hit with the crowd, with the Indian “Double ka Meetha” coming a close second in garnering praise.

Last but not least, guests were able to take home clay kulhads hand painted by the students and potted with tulsi plants, as souvenirs.

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