Brothers Hitendra Mahajan and Mahendra Mahajan from Nashik gear up for international cycling event

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Hitendra Mahajan

Hitendra Mahajan

They dream it and they made it. Yes, for the first time ever Nasikaites made it for RAAM. It is a proud privilege to break the news to our readers that two brothers from Nashik gear up for international cycling event.

Hitendra Mahajan(43) and Mahendra Mahajan(38) are the first from Nashik city and third from the country to participate in what will be the 34th edition of the RAAM, scheduled to be held in June next year.

RAAM is the abbreviation of Race Across America. The Race across America, or RAAM, is an ultra-marathon bicycle race across the United States that started in 1982 as the Great American Bike Race.

RAAM is one of the longest annual endurance events in the world. All entrants must prove their abilities by competing in any of several qualifying events, completing a course within a specified time period. RAAM is sanctioned by the Ultra-Marathon Cycling Association. It is the biggest cycling event of which every cyclist has dreamed of.



RAAM is widely recognized as the world’s toughest endurance bicycle race.  Open to solo racers as well as 2, 4 and 8-person teams.  Solo racers must qualify by completing one of 30 qualifying events worldwide.  No qualification required for teams.  RAAM attracts an international field – competitors from 35 countries have participated.  RAAM is an American tradition – 2015 will be its 34th year making it one of America’s longest continuously running cycling events.

RAAM are life changing experiences.  It’s difficult to describe the incredible joy and sense of accomplishment having finished either of these two events.  Both Durango, CO and Annapolis, MD are outstanding places to celebrate your finish. Because the course has varied, performances from different years are not entirely comparable. Records are usually expressed in terms of average speed, not total time, to account in part for differences in course length.

For many years, the fastest men’s speed was by Pete Penseyres, and the fastest woman was Seana Hogan in 1995, who averaged 13.23 mph (21.29 km/h) over 2,912 miles (4,686 km).

Hitendra and Mahendra pursued cycling as a mere hobby initially but it later developed into a passion. Hitendra, anesthetist and Mahendra, a dentist started taking cycling more seriously after participating in different long distance cycling in the last four years. Now they are all set to rock RAAM. They confessed that this race not just an adventure, but a social cause as well.

Mahajan’s are pretty clear for funds coming through NGO, they are going to utilize it for to carry out cataract operations and a corneal transplant on tribals, free of cost.
This NGO is a “Kalpataru Foundation, the NGO run by ophthalmologist Sharad Patil and team are working in the tribal regions of Nashik, not just for eye care but for general health,” said Mahendra.” We have registered on the RAAM website under Team India Vision for Tribals. The NGO will raise funds for the free operations through Kalpataru Foundation Adventure,” he added.

Hope this divine intention will work for both brother’s Hitendra and Mehendra Mahajan and with lots of blessing and love from Nasikaites, these Nashik brothers gear up for international cycling event.

With lots of blessing and love from Nasikaites, two brothers Hitendra Mahajan and Mahendra Mahajan from Nashik gear up for international cycling event.

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