Disha- A Way to Your Dream

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page3nashikWe recently talked about event Disha which was covered by Page3Nashik, The focus was giving the students and their parents a strong perspective with which one should choose a career. The perspective involves your definitions of Attitude and Performance! The event was aimed to guide the students at this crucial age so that, in long run they will be strong and courageous to stand in this highly demanding and competitive world. “Disha- A way to your dream” was an interactive session organized by Srujan Consultants under their activity ‘Jagar Manacha’ on 30th March 2014 at Raosaheb Thorat Sabhagruha, Nashik. Maharashtra Times, Nashik Edition had come forward to be the print media partner and Radio Vishwas as the community radio partner.

Students and parents experience completely different mind games after 10th-12th examinations. At Students are exhausted, relaxed are in page3nashikmood of vacation. They are filled with the excitement of college life and very little bothered about future. On the other side, parents are so much tensed about child’s future and his/hers careless and free attitude. Disha- ‘Away to your dream’ session was specially designed to fulfil needed thoughts for both of these opposite mind sets. The session delivered the nature of future challenges a student has to face to stand in demanding world. It narrated the fact of mere importance of IQ (Intelligence Quotient) in conquering these challenges. It put light on Emotional quotient (EQ) and the theory of Multiple Intelligence, stated by famous psychologist Howard Gardner, and how to use this theory to identify different dimensions of one’s personality. The Vital role of Interpersonal and Intrapersonal intelligences was emphasized to become performer. The  session discussed about holistic definitions of Attitude and Performance, stages of mind one has to follow to become a performer such as Information, Knowledge, Wisdom, Authority, Excellence and Legacy.page3nashik

Obviously students touch the first crossroads when they have completed their 10th standard, hence this session proved like a holistic Career building seminar. The motivational approach of Disha- ‘A Way to Your Dream’ made the children feel motivated and gave their parents a clear approach to nurture their child. Srujan Consultant’s announced to conduct workshops on this same concept in the month of April , where in students actually go through the process of developing a strong perspective to become a performer.

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