An epic incident in Nashik

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p3There happened a very unique incident in Nashik recently which was epic. A monkey attended restoration ceremony of a Shani temple for nearly two-and-a-half hours despite a crowd of people. This was the centre of discussions in the city recently.

The incident took place at the Shanaischar temple at Mumbai Naka that is being restored by Pawanputra Hanuman Mitra Mandal. On Saturday morning, the religious ceremony of restoring the temple was being performed at the temple. At around four pm, a monkey arrived to the spot and despite a crowd of devotees, reached directly at the place where the idol of Lord Shanishwar was to be placed.
Generally monkeys are known for their mischievous and precarious movements but this monkey sat at the place for more than two-and-a-half hours. The news spread like a wildfire in the city and people from different corners reached to the spot to see him.
Though the number of viewers went on increasing, the monkey did not pay attention at it and sat stable at the spot. Many of the people believed the monkey as reincarnation of Lord Hanuman and the incident as spiritual miracle and worshipped him.
Some devotees offered fruits and food to him. The monkey patiently received the offerings.

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