Because every bird matters.

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IMG-20140615-WA0013An Infrequent yet Heart warming incident which  took place in the city, raised the awareness among Nashikites. It moved us  to know there are people in the city who care enough to rescue the birds in trouble. Page3 Nashik shares the unusual incident that took place on Sunday in Nashik at 9B, Madhuban apartment, Anandwali village, Gangapur Road.

IMG-20140615-WA0015Sunday morning Vivekraj Thakur got a call from his cousin Puja Wankhede and she told him about a crow being entangled in Manja (Nylon thread) over a tree at Gangapur Road. Vivekraj was keen to save the crow & immediately called up the Sharan Organizations of animals He was guided by them to make a call to the Fire department.Any person who intended to rescue the bird would have ended up putting themselves in grave danger, not only because of the height involved but also because one can never be sure about the exact weight the branches might be able to withstand. Moreover most of us tend to have a mental block about the local authorities availability and have developed a perception that local authorities being rigid & not available on time or not available at all,Same was the case with Vivekraj . But contradictory to his perception & to his pleasant surprise the Fire brigade reached in merely 10 minutes. They successfully rescued the crow,saving  its life.

This might come across as a trivial incident but breaks a lot of myths We carry about the local authorities. This just goes to  prove they are here to help only if we let them do so.Hats Off!!!! to the Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) & Vivekraj  for being considerate & proactive.



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