Fine for washing automobiles in Godavari

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page3at The police have started strict action, such as levying cash fine to the motorists who wash their vehicles in the Godavari river. So far nearly 80 motorists have been fined for such act. Environmentalists have welcomed the action and are demanding consistency in it. Washing vehicles in Godavari was a common scenario at Goda Ghat. Though it was one of the major factors responsible for pollution of Godavari, no one of those motorists was worried about it. The number of such motorists increases when the water is released in the river from the dam. Meanwhile, the pollution of the river became a sensitive issue and some social organisations approached the court for it. Acting on a petition filed by one such organisation, the court had asked the administration if it was a river anymore. At the same time, the court ordered police to appoint a squad at Goda Ghat and to take action against such motorists for washing vehicles in the river. At first, the police could not appoint any force at the spot for the shortage of manpower but nearly eight to ten days ago, the Panchavati police appointed a team at the spot which has started action on the motorists washing vehicles at Goda Ghat. The squad keeps patrolling along the ghat. It nabs the motorists washing vehicles in the river and presents them in the court. The court orders them to pay cash fine. Within the last ten days, the squad caught nearly eighty motorists. The driver by police has been welcomed by environmentalists. According to them, the action will restrict such motorists from washing their vehicles in the river and thus it will help a lot to reduce river pollution. The organisations also demand that the police should keep consistency in the action, Even the action should not be limited only for Goda Ghat, instead it should be along the stretch of the river from its fountain head at Trimbakeshwar.

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