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Hello readers …2014

The time has finally arrived , after the long wait of 4 years . Yes! you got it right. FIFA World Cup is round the corner , two days to be precise. It starts on 12th of June and ends on 13th July . As you all know this time the country that is hosting this competition is Brazil. This is also the second time that Brazil will be hosting this competition. The first being way back in 1950.They have also won this competition 5 times.So all football lovers and non-football enthusiasts(kidding) let me tell you a few unknown as well as known facts about FIFA.

Well, first and foremost FIFA stands for Federation Internationale de Football Association ( as in  International Federation of Association Football). FIFA is not only the international governing body of association football but it is also the governing body for Futsal and Beach Soccer (futsal- variation of association football which is played indoors) . FIFA was founded in Paris on 21 May 1904. Currently , its membership consists of 209 national associations ,but when it was founded the members were  Spain, the Netherlands, Sweden , Belgium, France, Denmark and Switzerland. Though founded in Paris and has a French name and acronym you would be surprised to know that the headquarters of FIFA is in Zurich, Switzerland.It is also established under the laws of Switzerland.

44th FIFA Congress Zurich, 1984

44th FIFA Congress Zurich, 1984

Ever wondered why the gap of four years for every FIFA World Cup?? Well, one of the reasons is that the preceding three years is a qualification phase. Must be really tedious for the players.Anyways,moving on. Did you know that they also have FIFA Women’s World Cup?So far there have been six world cup tournaments . The next one will be in 2015 hosted by Canada.We also have two new teams which are making their debut in Brazil-Bosnia and Herzegovina.fifa_replay

One thing in the recent years which have caused a lot of debates is the video replay controversy. FIFA doesn’t allow any kind of video evidence during the matches. They prefer to pursue the option of having extra officials behind each goal. Though FIFA has proposed that instant replay be used in fouls, penalty incidents etc. , they have made it very clear that it is the referee who gets to make the final decision and not a machine. But all that is going to change this time in Brazil. FIFA is introducing the Goal-line technology(GLT) .They have introduced this so that GLT will support the officials in decision making. Why this sudden change of heart? Because an obvious mistake at the 2010 World Cup, when England’s Frank Lampard was denied a goal against Germany, forced change on the sport. Some people feel that it is for the better,but there are others who feel one should  leave the game of football as it is (with errors).

Page 3 Nashik would like to know what is your take on this video replay controversy of FIFA . Also, let us know about your favourite teams and we will write about them .

Keep an eye out for  ‘ Its Football Fever !! Playing to the tunes ‘ tomorrow .

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