Gardens filled with crowd in the city

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page3Due to the increase in heat it has become difficult to move out in the sun; however children along with the elders love to go to the gardens in the evening. The main gardens in the city are crowded these days. Thus many gardens had become picnic points. The kids were enjoying playing games in fresh air.
The academic exams were taken early this year due to Lok Sabha elections. Thus the school students were given holidays the second week of April itself. However, as many parents were busy in the Lok Sabha election work, the children could not go out in spite of having holidays. Along with this the children also had to sit at home due to the increased heat of summer.

p3 The  Pramod Mahajan Garden at  Gangapur road is full with children. The kids  enjoy playing in the garden. The parents  those coming along with them looks at them  with appreciation. They also enjoy picnics by  sitting on the green grass in the evening. Newly-wed couples are also seen in the gardens in  large numbers. Similarly, crowd is also seen in the other small gardens of the city and the  suburbs. 
 Crowd at Shivaji garden
 The Shivaji Garden near Ambedkar statue is full with kids. The green grass in the garden is  appealing not just for the children but for adults too. Children love playing with balloons and balls in the grass. The crowd was huge on Sunday. Parents and kids were also seen enjoying the fast foods available on stalls near the garden.

d34770-largeCrowd at Nehru Garden
The Nehru Garden located in front of Parshuram Saikhedkar auditorium was once a favourite spot of children however the toys in this gardens are now in a bad condition and thus children avoid coming here. The railway train and moving aeroplane used to be a point of attraction for the children here. However as they have been closed, slides and swings are only left for children to play with. Also the food stalls are placed in the garden itself. Yet, nowadays this garden too can be seen crowded with parents and kids.

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