Government will complete the transfer process for 350 acres of land for IT sector in Nashik

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Considering the necessity of Nashik industrial sector, soon the government will complete the transfer process for 350 acres of land in Akrale Dindori area of the district and provide additional Floor Space Index (FSI) for the institutes working in the sector of Information Technology asserted Apoorvachandra, the State’s Secretary of Industries, on Saturday while interacting with a delegation of Nashik industrialists.

The Secretary of Industries was on the tour to Nashik on Saturday. At that time, he discussed various issues with local industrialists in a meet held at the district collectorate. Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) Dy Chief Executive Officer Jadhav, District Collector Vilas Patil, MIDC Divisional Officer Ramdas Khedkar, Executive Engineer Bodhare and other administrative officials were also present for the meet along with other delegates.
The delegates brought the issues related to delay in the process of Part I and Part II applications necessary for FSI, to the notice of
Mr Apoorvachandra. In his response, the Secretary of Industries hoped that this process would surely be improvised after completion of new tendering process on Feb 28.
The industrialists further put various demands before the officer. Mainly, they demanded the government to ensure flawless proceedings regarding FSI of 1.5 for the industrial sector, along with making industrialists aware of these proceedings. They further expressed the need for encouraging the IT sector.
In his response, the officer informed that land of 50 acres in Dindori industrial sector will be reserved for IT sector companies seeking expansion of their business in Nashik. Apart from this, 10% additional FSI would be provided to these companies.

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