Gudi Padwa celebrated with enthusiasm in Nashik

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page3nashikGudi Padwa, the festival marking the beginning of the Hindu New Year, was celebrated with enthusiasm and religious fervour in Nashik.
Gudi Padwa, the first day of Hindu Calendar, marks the beginning of the Vasant ritu (spring season). It is believed that on Gudi Padwa day, Lord Brahma created the world after ‘Maha Pralay’ (deluge),it is mentioned in the Brahma Purana. This is one of the ‘Sade-Teen Muhurat’, 3-and-half-days of most auspicious muhurats in Hindu calmanac.
Gudi Padwa is celebrated on the first day of Chaitra month. It is also known as Samvatsar Padvo or Yugadi. Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka people celebrate this festival as Ugadi or Yugadi or Telugu and Kannada New Year Day. Sindhi people celebrate their New Year Day, Cheti Chand on the same day. On the same day, the legendary King Shalivahana defeated Sakas in battle. Gudi Padwa is known as Samsar Padvo or Sansar Padva in Goa.
The festival was marked by various rituals. People erected Gudis at their homes early morning itself. People, especially women and children wore new clothes on the occasion. They enjoyed sweets such as ‘Shrikhand’, ‘Basundi’, ‘Gulab Jamun’, ‘Puran Poli’ and other food items on the occasion. People exchanged greetings with their friends, near and dear ones through SMSs, phone calls and even through e-mails.
In the evening, many people moved out of their homes to meet their relatives and have an outing. People also visited temples of various deities to seek divine blessings on the auspicious occasion. It is a traditional practice in Nashik to visit Kalaam temple, the deity of the town, on this day and pay obeissane. As a result people in thousands flocked this historical temple.
Meanwhile, various cultural programmes such as processions welcoming the New Year were taken out in Gangapur Road, Satpur, Mahatma Nagar, Tidke Colny, Indira Nagar areas of the city. ‘Saanj Padwa’, programmes of Marathi, Hindi songs were held in Satpur, New Nashik, Indira Nagar, Panchavati, Nashik Road areas of the city as part of the festivities.

Nashikites purchased gold, vehicles, home appliances and even properties on the occasion of Gudi Padwa. Shops selling various goods were flooded with people on Monday. People purchased home appliances bikes, cars on the occasion. Offices of builders, jewellery and automobile showrooms also witnessed crowd.

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