Iconic Puffs ‘n’ Rolls Restaurant reopens at Bappu Pull Nashik

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In a massive flood a few years back in Nashik, The Cohoes destroyed and damaged homes and businesses in Nashik, out of which one historic spot is ready to reopen. Yes, the long aviated Puffs ‘n’ Rolls Restaurant reopens at Bappu Pull.  Crews have been working tirelessly to get Puffs ‘n’ Rolls Restaurant back on its feet, evident by all the empty boxes in dumpsters surrounding the area.

Puffs ‘n’ Rolls Restaurant Bappu Pull

But now, they are back with beautiful ambiance and peaceful view and not to forget the perfect menu of puff ‘n’ Rolls.  The celebrity chef of Nashik and Managing Director, Chef at Puffs n Rolls Shahrukh Patel said

The restaurant will offer an “Indian menu” with “Fesh air” of Nashik.

He also added there would be open barbecue evening. The menu includes everything from Veg Lahori, Chicken Kheema to everyone favorite Tea.

I recommend Puffs ‘n’ Rolls at Bappu Pull to all my friends and to all the followers of Page3Nashik to give it a try.

Do post your comment about your experience at new Puffs ‘n’ Rolls Restaurant at Bappu Pull Nashik below.

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