Introduction of new training course for the Judges of court

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imagesWith the increasing number of work pressures and number of cases for a judge in the court day by day and the lack of judges to solve these cases, many cases are pending in the courts. It has also led to a trouble for the Government of  the infidelity about choosing the post of a judge as a career about appointing for these positions because the quality judges in this sector have become difficult to be found. As a solution to all these problems the Maharashtra and Goa bar council has created a one year training course named “judicial service as a career” on the orders of the High Court. This course will start from the coming June 15.
A few months back a meeting was organised of all the judges of the Supreme Court with all the ministers of the country in Delhi. The meeting had discussions about the pending cases in every state and number of judges and an important decision of doubling the number of justice in the coming five years was made at the end of the meeting. However judges of the Supreme Court expressed remorse over not finding quality candidate for this
With the permission of the High Court, the Maharashtra and Goa bar councils have taken initiatives , in order to create quality judges and have arranged a one year syllabus. This syllabus was inaugurated at the hands of Mumbai High Courts chief justice Mohit Shaha. This syllabus will be practically implemented from June 15, informed council”s advocate Jayant Jaybhave. Budding lawyers who have practiced less than seven years will be selected for this course. According to the revenue department six divisions of Nashik, Kokan, Nagpur, Pune, Amravati and Aurangabad have been created. 25 lawyers from every district and 825 from the entire state of Maharashtra will be selected for this course. The new lawyers selected for this course will receive guidance from Supreme and High Courts serving and retired judges.

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