Making Of Plum Cake @ Hotel Express Inn

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Think of Christmas and the mind conjures up images of a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, the thought of Santa coming in and filling our stockings with gifts and goodies. Christmas is also about yummy food…. a nicely stuffedTurkey, wine and to forget the delicious plum cakes.

Hotel Express Inn is well known for its warm hospitality, attractive ambience and tasty food. They are also known for always being forefront in coming up with innovative events for their guests and also people of Nashik. One such event took place on December 2 at the lawn area. Christmas is just round the corner and what better than making a plum cake.

Team Page 3 Nashik witnessed the making of the plum cake. The chef and staff members invited the in house guests to participate in the mixing of the ingredients which included raisins, cashew nuts, almonds as well as best quality wine, rum and brandy.

All the ingredients were mixed in a huge container by the chef and the guests. Interestingly, this mixture will be left for fermentation for the next few days until Christmas till it will finally made into a yummy plum cake

The chef also informed us about the hotel’s plans on coming up with some event on Christmas. We will keep you posted on the same…..


Special Thanks to Amit Vaidya, Neha Tinwalla, Rishika Chanda and Krishna Pagar.

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