Mobile Confluence held in Nashik

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page3nashikThere held a collaboration of industry experts, students and developers to learn, unlearn and debate on the future of mobility in Nashik named Mobile Confluence-  A Conference about Mobile Technology and development on Sunday 23rd March 2014 at Nashik District Maratha Vidya Prasarak Samaj’s (NDMVP) Seminar Hall – Civil engineering , K.B.T. College of Engineering,Udoji Maratha Boarding Campus,Gangapur Road. The event was organised by Winjit Technologies, who is the  industry leader in mobile and the torch bearer of Technology in Nashik. Winjit is a professionally managed Software Development, Web Services and Business Process Re-engineering Company supported by a team of expert and qualified software professionals, Web professionals and Industrial Experts trained in IT to cater to customer needs.  Winjit is a 200 people team with customers in more than 40 countries and has developed more than 600 Apps. Maharashtra Times was the media partner.

The Event was by registration only and since they had limited seating capacity, people were asked to apply early and fill in the details to ensure page3nashikthat they select the right mix of people. The event was free to attend. The applicants received an email confirmation and were supposed to bring that on the day of the event.

The event displayed seminar on recent advances in Mobility and Internet technology. The seminar followed two threads, advances such as large scale networks, security and privacy, and protocol evaluation tools in the area of Advanced Internet Technology, and such as wireless and mobile networks in the Mobile Internet Technology area. The seminar provided a broad overview on existing distributed system and current research topics in advanced areas of Mobile technology. It was our paramount interest to see that people gain a thorough page3nashikunderstanding of the seminar topic and that they are able to convey this understanding to the other participants. For people to benefit from the presented knowledge, the conference encouraged active participation and interaction between students. They both synchronized with each other while preparing the talk as some topics overlap and discussed the contents after the talks themselves.

The event concluded with a grasped knowledge by the the people. The goal of the talk was to give the audience a good understanding of the whole topic and to dive into a few interesting details of the subject matter of mobile technology.

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