Nashik getting crazy about Selfie – Main Apni Favorite Hoon,with #SELFIE (Official Music Video)

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unnamed (3)As the World Jumps on to the bandwagon of Selfie Craze.How can Nashikites be far Behind?We have seen a dramatic rise in the sefie Profiles pictures online,this intrigued us to probe further into the Logic behind selfies.

Social networking have now become a part of day to day life. Social networking could perhaps make it to Maslow’s Theory of basic needs.Strange!!! but True!!! Social networking  Has provided us with a platform to connect with the youth across globe,make new ,build new Relation etc.Social Networking in turn created a craze of Uploading and sharing pictures. Obviously, everyone wants their profile photos and other photos shared on social sites to be unique and amazing. This craze of photos sharing has given rise to a new Fad called ‘ Selfies’ which is flourished all over. And now that the term is official you can post pictures taken of yourself and not feel like a narcissist. Selfies have a particular reason that people take a picture of themselves other than the fact that they can reverse the camera on the phone, gaze at their own visage, and then share it on social media so the rest of the world can gaze upon it as well.Yet it is noteworthy that digital exhibitionism and Inappropriate
self-disclosure have been at the core of every mega-successful app and website.It all begun with MySpace, a directory for wannabe pop stars and DJ’s.
Then came Facebook, the encyclopedia of common people. You Tube gave everybody their own TV channel, Blogger and Tumblr Untitledmade us all creative writers. Twitter brought in tons of followers and LinkedIn positive endorsements – because who cares about Instagram made selfie the word of the year, while Tinder – the ultimate dating tool For narcissists – and Snapchat- a photo chat. Selfie is a sign of self- esteem of self – obsessed people.


It depicts their love towards themselves. Selfie has become a syndrome and an addiction.Often before a selfie a number of thoughts run through people’s mind-

  • Ugh!! all of my followers are going to think I’m full of myself.
  • I mean…I really look good today…
  • I have to make sure that my outfit looks the best in the picture…
  • Pouting suits me though…
  • phew!! man I am feeling Myself#
  • I look stunning # I am a great photographer
  • I have a photogenic face

Selfies pertains to grab attention..They are the attention grabbers but nonetheless we cannot deny the fact that we love ourselves and gradually we r in love with the Selfie mode…Page3NAshik says Ther’s nothing wrong in loving Urself and as Kareena Kapoor would say“Main toh Apni Favourite Hoon”

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