Nashik Grapes export doubles

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imagesgrapeNashik Grapes export in the district has begun with an increase in grape production in the past couple of weeks. Compared to other parts of the state, Nashik has become the forerunner in the export of grapes, which has nearly doubled this year. Nashik grapes export doubles with expectations in the rise.
While the district has taken a long leap in grape export, the land under cultivation of exportable grapes has also increased considerably. Last year, around 18,145 vineyards were registered in the state as per the figures issued by the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Development Authority (APEDA). This year too, the state has maintained its first position and the number of vineyards has gone up to 23,063.
In grape production, the district has exported over 200 containers of grapes until now. Last year by February 19, around 3,138 metric tonnes of grapes were exported through 248 containers in the state. This year the state has already exported 448 containers full of 5,603 metric tonnes grapes. In fact, Maharashtra contributes around 90 per cent of the country”s total grape export and around 70 percent of the state”s grape export comes from Nashik.
The district has registered growth in export of grapes year after year. The exports from Nashik have increased around ten-fold from 4,532 metric tonnes in 2003 to 48,465 metric tonnes in 2013. However,unseasonal rains had taken toll on the district”s grape export in 2011, which had experienced a decline by around 58 per cent to about 15,000 metric tonnes that year.
Meanwhile, good grape seasons were experienced by the district in 2012 and 2013, with exports of 28,000 and 48,465 metric tonnes of grapes, respectively giving respite to producers. Around 448 containers of 5,603 metric ton grapes were exported by Maharashtra since the onset of grape season this year. Most of the produce has been exported to Netherlands and Norway. Nashik tops the chart of these exports. 

This year’s grape exports Country Containers :

Netherlands 230 ,UK 132 ,Germany 22 ,Denmark 17 ,Belgium 12 ,Sweden 9 ,Norway 9 ,Ireland 7 ,Lithuania 5 ,Italy 2 ,Finland 2

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