Nashik Vehicle sales up by 12%: RTO

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While the rest of the country has bid adieu to the festive season and their joyful spirits, Nashik City looks like in no mood to snap out of the joyful fervour. Nashik City has rung in the new year with the regional transport office witnessing an increase in the sales of vehicles. Owing to a booming economy Nashik Vehicle sales up by 12% as compared to last year’s slump.

Meri pehli gaadi

Meri pehli gaadi

The upward trending graph of the economy has led to a 12.32% increase in sale of vehicles between the months of April-September this year as compared to the sales during the corresponding period last year. Nashik Regional Transport Office (RTO) officials while sharing the data of registered vehicles shared that as on September 30, 2014, they have registered around 48,710 vehicles; while on the same date last year, the number of vehicles registered was 43,368.

The year 2014 has indeed been a good year for Nashik RTO as Nashik Vehicle sales up by 12%. This year the RTO registered 2,225 new vehicles during the festive period between October 20 and October 27 this year. Of these, 1,019 are motorcycles, 530 light motor vehicles, 381 scooters, 191 agricultural tractors and 2 non-agricultural tractors.

The 12% growth witnessed in the 2014 is fairly significant considering the negative growth vehicle sales had registered last year. The RTO had registered marginally lesser number of vehicles (0.78%) on September 2013 compared with the figures in September 2012.

Escalating heights: Two wheeler sales

Escalating heights: Two wheeler sales

RTO officials also shared that the maximum increase has been in the sale of the two-wheelers sector (10%) till September end this year, while the sales of motorcars are almost the same. The registration of luxury and tourists cars has also increased from 34 to 96. Also, there were 69 new school buses registered during the first half of the last financial year, while this year, it has increased to 175 which means a rise of over 150%.

Regional Transport Officer Jeevan Bansod opined, “It can be termed as a boom in the economy but mainly in the segment of two wheeler buyers, which is over 10 percent. The registration of cars is nearly the same. Quite a few cars were registered in October during Diwali as opposed to the sale of two wheelers which showed impressive sales during Diwali 2014.”

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